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And Then She Said. . .my grandest granddaughter is growing up

65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nDetermined to watch the final of the Women’s Open Tennis Championship yesterday even though my five and a half year old came over, I did the unheard of and put my wishes before hers. First time! And then she said, “Explain it to me, Granny. Who’s our fave?” I pointed to the strong beautiful athlete closest to us. “What’s her name?” “Serena Williams. I love her. I’ve watched Serena and her sister Venus play since they were teens and one time, I talked to Venus, just for a minute.” “What did you say, Grans?” She climbed on my lap that’s held so many children over so many years.

“You can do it. You can win.”

Her blue eyes sparkled. “You always say that to me, too. And then what happened?”

“Venus won the championship that year when no one thought she would.”

“’cause she listened to you?”

“No honey.” I kissed the top of her head. “Because she listened to herself and probably said ‘Yes I Can’.

P.S. Serena won against a younger tough marvelous Victoria¬† in three sets. Grandest and I watched every glorious moment of the battle as I explained the rules, the game I love and competed in for many years. She yelled, “Good girl” and “Go Serena” and “Too bad, girl.”

Next year, if she’d like, I’ll buy a small racket and teach her how to hit the yellow ball.