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9/29/13 WEWRIWA

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This has been quite a week, a juxstaposition of sadness and joy. Our precious cat-one of three- my little boyfriend named Blue, became ill and nothing could save him. The incomparable care of The Vet at the Barn, Dr. B, Dr. Shane, and nurse Kristen shared my grief as he went to sleep. And then joy when To Be Continued, my first book with Vanilla Heart, was optioned for a television movie and finally the Mature Romance series of three stories is now available in print. Today my eight is one new to wewriwa. Before the Final Curtain, third story in the series.

Blurb:  Once lovers, two aging actors collide on stage as stars in a romantic comedy written and directed by a manipulative director. Add to the mix the talented assistant, a tough stage manager, one prominent costume designer, two young actors, secrets and gossip. Show business. There’s no business like it.

excerpt in eight:
Gazing around her spacious room Becca Morgan took in the awards cabinet with polished Tony’s, Emmy’s, Golden Globes and plaques—tributes to past performances. Tears trickled down her thin face no longer young as she thought get over yourself; starring roles aren‘t written for seventy year old women, not since Katherine Hepburn.
The cell phone shattered the peaceful moment with her favorite tune, Happy Days Are Here Again and her heart beat a little faster in recognition of the voice of Randall Sloan, the powerful director she’d worked with many times in the old days when he was called Randy apropos of his philandering.

“Becca love, I’ve written a new play perfect for you unless you’re not interested,” and he laughed, a smug familiar sound that hadn’t changed.
His voice deepened to a sexy growl. “You’re the lead in my play Titled “Honor Thy Mother, Please”, a poignant comedy, small cast.”

She knew he loved to be begged and Becca said, “You know me, Randy, I can’t wait, not even for a few minutes so please tell me about her and what happens.”.
“She’s a lonely widow who lets her daughter and son-in-law towel move in with her and when they abuse the privilege and treat her as if she’s no longer capable, when they’re at work she goes to a bar and meets a man and oh, your costume in part of Act One is a towel so you better get in good shape.”
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Happy Birthday, Betty White!

America’s sweetheart, Betty White is 91. She doesn’t know that in the ‘seventies’ we became linked by a show biz set of circumstances. Bear with me, folks.

It began innocently enough. Called for an audition for a commercial film, not a commercial, I auditioned for a Betty White type of character. Sometimes a magical thing happens when an actor auditions. You “chew up the scenery”-giving it all you can and this time I got the part. Picked up in a limousine with three other actresses, we rehearsed. One said I sounded just like Betty White. Hmm. I always thought I sounded just like me.

A few weeks later an ad executive called frantic to find THE VOICE. Yes, she needed me because someone said I was the only one in the Tri-State area who sounded like Ms.White. They were doing a voice-over for what they called an anamatic trial. Who knew? In the city in a dark studio, I read the script into a microps. White never knew that across the country there was once a woman who sounded just like her. If you meet Ms. White, don’t tell. It’s our secret.

P.S. I no longer sound like her. On the flip side, she no longer sounds like me.

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