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7/27/14 WEWRIWA

The end of July, oh no. How did this happen, folks? Grab onto every summer day and enjoy Sundays with WEWRIWA for constructive critique. I’ve been sharing snippets from To Be Continued for about six weeks and today I may end this coming of age story about a grown woman who, at fifty eight, spreads her wings and learns to fly. Last week, in her enclosed Olympic size pool, she enjoys a delicious romp in chlorine scented air with who else? The pool guy, Maverick. It’s the morning after. Beth wakes to the aroma of hot coffee in a mug close to her head. She’s covered in a large towel and hears her new younger lover’s voice from a distance.

excerpt in eight:

” Do ‘ya mind if I take some pics,” camera already whirring away, Maverick’s deep voice echoed across the pool.

In one swift motion, Beth covered her face with the towel, pictures of Rumpled Beth-skin, no way lover boy, not in your life or mine.

She peeked over the edge of the towel to see Maverick photographing the enclosure, plants and decor at the far end. Wrapped up she made a dash for the door calling, “If you’re hungry, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

The fastest transformation in her history left the energetic,woman radiant, full of creative ideas that included the not-as-young-as he looked man who entered her more than once last night.

Maverick’s slow smart-ass grin took on special meaning when he admitted, “One big bucks guy wanted to see the enclosure so I took pics figuring they would be a terrific boost for my business.”

Beth gathered her thoughts and rapid fire spit them out,”Since I designed my baby from the beginning, Maverick, what’s in it for me?”

You can come of age at any age.   

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What a trip!

Photo: Gracie is with us too chilling under the tree. 󾬐Grandest and Mia, two very strong girls thanks to TaeKwando and Karate plus swimming and gymnastics. And here’s the latest addition to the family, Tommy boy.

Grandest is on the move again. This time with her Dad and his family gone to Bermuda for a week. Will we miss her? You bet. Sunday, she and her BFF, Mia two years older like big sister/little sister, played for two hours in our above ground pool, swimming so well I was moved to tears. Legs once short, now long and getting lanky, kicked while arms reached and hands cupped the water to cross the 48 foot pool effortlessly. Applause, applause with sitting ovation as I tried to concentrate on writing and on their safety.

Years ago my first love and I flew to Bermuda, played tennis and golf and watched fireworks through the hotel veranda on the Fourth of July. I’ll never forget the patriotic fever we had that night. We found a gorgeous empty beach  and made love in the pounding sapphire surf.

Today I reconnected with my Canadian friend and terrific author, Anne Lange. I’m today’s guest on her blog. Please check us out, have fun and leave a comment.  Thanks for your support, my friends.



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Concept CVR FH 1-1

6/8/14 WEWRIWA

Welcome to Weekend Writer Warriors, the best constructive critique group a writer could ever join. Always on Sunday, always reliable, and there’s always something to learn.

This week I’m moving on with To Be Continued, my first book published by Vanilla Heart Publishing. As a newbie, I had a lot to learn about writing, my skill as an actor proved to be helpful. Last week I painted the opening scene with a happy Elizabeth Malone waking up after a night of damn good sex with her husband Frank of forty years. Then she finds the letter he’s left her. Gone who knows where, taken his clothes, shipped out in the dead of night. The note said, “It’s not you, it’s me.” And a bit more about divorce papers and the house is hers, blah, blah. With her mother long passed on, she struggles to survive, her racing thoughts attempt to think clearly.

excerpt in eight:

Mom, you were the one who told me to marry Frank; thoughts tumbled over; Beth held her throbbing head, tried to think coherently to no avail with the past and present mixed in a kaleidoscope. Frank loves me ‘cause I’m a winner/ No-nonsense Coach says “Go to college on the scholarship—train for the Olympics, Mom/Frank/Coach pulling me until I almost fell apart. I have no one to turn to except for daughter Susie who idolizes her father; how did everything that seemed so right go so wrong?
Beth shivered and cried out, “I gave up swimming, a chance for Olympic gold, my college scholarship for you, Frank, doesn’t that count for something?” She pulled at the towel wrapped around her, “When did I stop being a winner and become a loser?”  Hurling the towel toward the bed where it landed with a soggy splat, she looked at her nakedness. She lifted small breasts and let go, no bounce; gazed at all her parts in pretty fair shape from swimming and diving for more years than she wanted to remember. She cried out, “Not young enough for you, Frank?” her voice ricocheted around the room and boomeranged back–not young enough–not anything enough–not enough.

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Sleep Writer-That’s Me.

A few years ago, after a long career as an actor ended, I thought about what to do with the creative juices flowing through my head. “Write,” suggested a friend. “I don’t know how,” was my reply. She laughed. “After all the scripts you’ve read, that should give you a major clue.”

A seed planted and grew. One night I dreamed of a woman who wakes one morning after a night of passion with her husband of forty years. She reaches for him and finds a note, the first he’s ever written to her. Thrilled, she carefully opens to read: Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.”

What in the world! I’ve never known such a woman in this awful situation and since the book was published, I’ve heard from many women and men. They knew friends who’d suffered as my heroine does in this fictional story.

To Be Continued is the title, my first book with Vanilla Heart Publishing. It’s a Survive and Thrive story I fleshed out to reveal how a woman lifts herself from the depth of despair, gives back to the community, and eventually becomes the winner she once was.


BLIND SIDE: Webster’s Dictionary says: the side away from which one is looking.

Beth Malone sure wasn’t looking in the right direction all the years of her marriage to Frank. He’s abandoned her after forty years of what she thought was a good marriage. Once a winner, smart with Olympic Gold a strong possibility and a full scholarship to college close at hand, she meets Frank Malone. He’s handsome, a clever med student; everything her mom wants in a son-in-law. So Beth gives in to marry Frank, support them and pay for his education.

How can a smart girl cave and give all, you might ask? At seventeen, pressure from mom might be one answer. Her needs became secondary nature as she literally takes a back seat in their life together and more so when daughter Susie is born.

Now Beth stands alone and must learn to do what I call the dance of life. Place one foot in front of the other and move on. A novice at first, she makes mistakes and turns to her love of swimming to strengthen her. Giving back to the community is new to Beth and opens a whole new world.

Dear readers, what are your feelings as you read Beth’s struggle to grow as a single when all her grown-up years have been as part of a doubles team? When she cries out, “I want my forty years back.” do her words resonate inside you?

I look forward to hearing from you.


I’m sharing amazing news with you today. First, I’ve signed an option with a producer for To Be Continued to be reproduced as a television movie. How cool is this? And next, To Be Continued is now available in audio. Yes , it is Check out the links listed below.

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And then She Said. . .

photo (11)Now that my grandest has her white belt, there’s no stopping her. While driving, I told her how I taught her mommy how to swim, no floaties invented in the good old days. Attentive as always, she listened as I told her how I held her mom’s arms while she kicked. And then I described teaching all my kids the same way, sans floaties. Swimming is natural, honey. I learned in cold Lake Michigan all by myself. Even babies learn to swim.

Her sweet voice said, ” I can too but not without my floaties.”

A week later, she’s in my pool with her mom laughing as she removes the plastic aid around her arms and kicks with straight legs and strong arms while holding onto a board. Her face beaming with a triumphant smile. She did it!


5/19/2013 WEWRIWA

Welcome back to another wonderful Sunday. Wonderful? and why? you may ask. Well we woke up and for me. . .that’s always a plus. Today we meet our heroine, Beth Malone as she reads the note left by her missing-from-the-bedroom husband, Frank.

excerpt in eight:

Dear Lizzie, It’s not you, it’s me because I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin for a long time and have decided I must make a change in my life. I sold my half of the practice to George. You, dear Lizzie, are well taken care of so call Bruce since he’s my lawyer and has all the papers, investments, and everything you will need to live in comfort including the house. Last but not least, I signed my portion of divorce papers so whenever you’re ready, sign yours and Bruce will take care of it.”

She leapedTBC front cover up—made it to the toilet, retched and with a foul taste in her mouth, Beth returned to the bedroom and stared down at the despicable letter.

 “Oh God. What am I going to do” she shouted to the empty house, “people like us, we don’t divorce, you stupid .” Tears streaming, she pounded her chest with the letter, crumpled it into a ball and flung it across the room.

She tore sheets from the bed not caring if they ripped to shreds and stuffed them in the laundry chute where they’d land in the basement; imagined Frank stuffed in the chute, hurtling into the mouth of certain doom.


http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7283 – one of the first ibookbuzz book club selections http://bit.ly/pfjmjshttp://www.amazon.com/Be-Continued-Charmaine-Gordon/dp/1935407430