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And Then She SAid. . .

Grandest loves her mom, her pets and me but last week I witnessed a different side of her.



After TaeKwando class, she dragged me next door to the pizza place for a drink of water. “Don’t worry, Grans, he’s a nice man. He always gives me water free and you don’t have to buy a slice.” And there we were where other kids and moms and one grandmother and her grandson sat devouring yum food.

The boy, always stern and focused in class, began to giggle and so did grandest. He asked for a play date. She gave him her mom’s cell phone number. Then she ran to get straws, sticking them in her mouth to imitate a walrus. More giggling. Romance blossomed before my eyes. I felt like giggling. How cute to see the spontaneity of two six year old kids dressed in the same uniforms, one a yellow belt, the other a blue belt.

photo (5)

I felt like giggling too, unseemly for little old Grans. Kids! How cute and sweet they are.

And Then She Said. . .and Did

Going from white belt to high white belt to yellow belt! What a thrill watching Grandest standing alone in the center of the large room so poised being tested for a yellow belt on Monday. Master Yu called out instructions, she followed, broke a board with the side of her foot this time. Applause, applause. Finally, test completed he called her forward to receive a trophy and a yellow belt. Beaming, she bowed and turned to her mommy and me on the sidelines. I do believe I saw a bit of swagger in her barefooted step. Yes, I did.

And Then She Said. . .

After Taekwando a few days ago, grandest and I went to a cool yogurt place for a treat. Parking in my special diabled spot close by, she scrambled for the long past dated tag that allowed me, my new hip and floral cane to park without walking too far. When I attempted to remove the fance key from my Volkswagon ignition, it didn’t obey. Of course I don’t speak German very well. Maybe that’s the prob. After three attempts finally the key gave up the fight. Grandest stuck her five and a half year old finger in the empty space and said, “Granny, this is broken. You need to take the car in before it gives you more trouble.”photo (3)

Today the car is at Volkswagon in West Nyack. The part came in. New ignition needed. My small mechanic had the right diagnosis. I follow her lead.

My question is are kids smarter or am I old school, not keeping up with the times? When someone asks me a question I’m not interested in, I reply, “I don’t know. All I really know is how to write books and I’m proud of it.”.

The third book–Before the Final Curtain–of my three book series The Beginning. . .Not The End was just released. Mature Romance that proves we seniors say” it ain’t over ’til it’s over,” Thank you Yogi Berra.  Another golden moment. And tomorrow is another day. Let’s see what the day might reveal.





Before the Final Curtain

by Charmaine Gordon


Book 3

The Beginning…Not the End, the series



Before the Final Curtain

by Charmaine Gordon


Once lovers, aging actors collide on stage as stars in a romantic comedy written and directed by a manipulative director. Add to the mix the talented assistant, a tough stage manager, one prominent costume designer, two young actors, secrets and gossip. Show business. There’s no business like it!



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And Then She Said. . .

65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nCar conversations can be very revealing especially with my loquacious grandest.

Picture this: I brace myself at the wheel for the whirlwind tousled blond climbing into the booster seat in back, kind teacher pushing, shoving, buckling her in while my little one yells good bye out the window to a waiting line of classmates. I pull out laughing and we sing, making up our own rendition to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Lots of animals included here. After dogs came cats. Kittens with tiny meows and then I roared. She said, “Are you a lion?” And this is the point of ‘and then she said.’ A learning opportunity.

“A lioness is ferocious protecting her cubs. When I had little kids and even now, I’m like a lioness always trying to keep bad people and bad things away from my children. Just the same way your mom protects you and takes care of you.”

Quiet in the back for a moment. And then she said in a firm tough voice, “I can take care of myself. If a bad guy comes near me I’ll punch him in the nose and kick him in the butt. Don’t worry about me, Grans.”

We talked about Taekwando, mommy,lions and rounded the corner in her peaceful neighborhood. My cell phone announced musically a call from her mom. I handed it to my darling five year old. As she walked away for privacy I heard her say in a little girl voice, “Hi Mommy, how soon are you coming home?”

And Then She Said. . .

I picked up my grandest and we drove to Taekwondo Academy in New City, NY for her first class. The day before, my daughter took her to an introductory class with Master Jung. He was a hit. She broke a board, bowed and this opens a new vista and philosophy for our little five year old. She scrambled into her uniform called a dobo. Blond hair flying, she dived into whatever Master Yu or Master Jung ordered. Toward the end of the class, she needed a chap stick and thought she could run to me for a minute. The Master said, “Not until class has ended.” When the final bows took place, I heard her say from across the room, “Thank God, now I can get my chap stick.”

What has she learned in one class? Discipline, obedience,respect,confidence.

I remember so well when my youngest son, age six at the time, was bullied every day on the way home from school. Enrolling him in a local Judo school was the best idea. Four days a week he trained and competed, bullied no more. Seven years later his interest turned to tennis.

My book Starting Over tells the story of a widow who remarries. Her second husband is obsessed with security and insists she studies Taekwondo. Eventually this art saves her life.


 Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon

Publisher: Vanilla Heart Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (240 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Some days Emily Kendrick’s mind is a twisting kaleidoscope of shifting memories as she struggles to keep grief at bay after the death of her husband of thirty years. She runs on the beach to ease her mind and body. There she meets Pat Corwin who changes the directions of her life and, unknown to her, is secretly watched by another man whose warped mind dreams of possessing her.

Pat, a lawyer with mysteries surrounding much of his past, stirs a spark of life in Emily that gives her courage to be someone she’s never been before. He brings joy, fun, and love into her life, different from that which she shared with her late husband.

Input from family, friends, and the predatory Clifford Lansdale makes Starting Over thought provoking as well as captivating. It is a story with humor and complications, but most of all it is a story of a woman learning to be independent for the first time as she picks up the pieces of her past and embraces a new way of life only to have more shattering woes befall her.

The reader shares a poignant, vicarious experience with Emily that is realistic and heartbreaking at times, but joyful and full of hope at other times. How Emily handles the stages of grief is evocative. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Emily absorbs the blows of life, accepts the inevitable, and survives to thrive.

The secondary characters are remarkable in so many ways. They add subplots and a wealth of emotions to the main story that helps the reader realize that Emily is not living in a vacuum without support and, of course, a few adversaries.

Charmaine Gordon does much more than just tell a delightful story with romance and sizzling love scenes. She also gives the reader a peek at how grief influences a surviving partner and how that person copes. Starting Over is a celebration of life.

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