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9/20/15 WEWRIWA

And here we are -autumn in New York. Just the beginning of another season of beauty.

One more snippet of my WIP and then I’ll move on. Thanks for all your help and super comments.


They drove up to their home on Lake Shore Drive to find lights twinkling from every window.
The twins grabbed both ends of the old duffel bag and ran up the steps to the elegant door with a huge brass knocker in the middle. Voices came from inside and laughter; a party was going on.  Their big sister Charlie answered the door and said,”“Oh My God, they’re here and all grown up, Jimmy, hurry.”
Aunt Eleanor, Uncle Stuart and Edgar watched the children reunite. Solemn at first, tentative and then joyous with Shelley, Jimmy’s wife and six little kids in the background, and Charlie’s husband Jerry with their two kids.

Celia crouched next to her sister, tears falling as they caressed each small face and said, “Family, sister, we’re part of a family, finally.”

When dinner ended and small heads drooped, Celia said, “Excuse us, but is there a private room where we can talk to Charlie and Jimmy for a little while?”
The twins gazed around the table hoping, on this night, they could finally find out what happened so long ago and clear away the cobwebs that disturbed them. Only their big sister and brother knew the answer.

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5/31/15 WEWRIWA

What a week! Hubs who is usually strong and healthy turned sick and I became caregiver for a change.

Son in Denmark gave me an easy recipe for getting rid of little weeds in our lovely walkway so muscular me worked on that, one more bit to do. And computer died. Rather the battery did requiring a new -a whole new apparatus I need a map to find my important stuff like my docs. HELP! If you live in my area, Rockland County, NY the place to go is Computuners in Nanuet, the best most adept and kind , fast too  who will tweak and help you find your way 9-9 all week.

And now dear, WEWRIWA, here’s a snippet to clear up the mystery in this part of my 5 Star story Spreading her Wings. When last seen, the major money man dragged his triple threat daughter in to the audition held at the Shubert Theater. On Broadway. This scene takes place during a break right after Misty Welles has auditioned a key scene with Sandor knocking the director’s socks off.

Excerpt in ten:

Misty stretched out her long legs to search for the sandwich Sandor made for her and said, “Hi, I’m Misty Welles, if you didn’t have lunch, I’ll share with you.”
The thin girl in a worn leotard looked surprised that anyone talked to her and replied, “Uh, no I didn’t think to bring a sandwich.”
“No prob, I share and I might even have two because I think Sandor packed an extra one.”
“You’re Clarabelle, right?”
“Uh huh, stupid name but my father loves it.”
Misty thought for a minute and then in a burst of goodwill and kindness she spoke quietly,
“if you don’t mind, I’d think about Claire, it’s nicer for show business.”
The girl looked up from her drawing pad, eyes wide with surprise and said,“that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me, Claire. pretty name.“

She leaned close to Misty, “I don’t care about show business but father dragged me here and he’s forcing the producer to make me the star.”
Shocked, Misty almost slid off her chair, “I went to college to specialize in singing, dance and acting just like all of us auditioning and that’s years of training and a huge expense to our parents and you don’t care?”
“All I want to do is be a costume designer, there’s so much to learn and I did it when he was out of town or late at work because I love creating costumes.”

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Spreading Her Wings
Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

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