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And Then She Said. . .

“Granny, my tooth just fell out.” Grandest came running with her first tooth in her hand. Excited we found a baggie, she wrote FIRST TOOTH, and sealed it. When daughter came home, there was much ado made over the space and the tooth. I whispered, “Do you leave a quarter in the bag from the tooth fairy?”

Daughter laughed. “Mom, now kids get anywhere from five to ten dollars.”  1469804_10201197728281693_363961362_n

“What?” She nodded. “That’s the going rate.”

Why in the world has the price gone up, I ask you? It’s a natural happening, right? A tooth comes in and in a few years a permanent one takes it’s place. No biggie except for proof of growth and change and the fun worth maybe a quarter or possibly a buck, tops.

I’d rather play hopscotch with her in the driveway and read books and help her with homework the way I did with my kids in days long gone. We also make funny make believe sandwiches and she charges me 2 cents. Now that’s more like it!