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10/11/15 WEWRIWA

And the days dwindle down. . .Actually the weather has been wonderful but troubles afoot, my friends, with daughters bunion surgery and a sudden major problem with my precious granddaughter’s blood cells in her dear chin explosion. She needed a bit of plastic surgery and a stitch in time. Frankly, this Granny is weary.

Moving on with the delicious story Dr. D and the Dad, The guy who resembles Antonio Banderas trips over the sand lump of Dr. D. Lets see what happens next.


I just lay there like a lox on a plate and continued to moan.
“Don’t move,” he said.
That’s the moment I fell in love with him, one of the moments.
“Tony Flannigan here, I’m a physical therapist.”
Gentle hands felt my neck and shoulders. He set my straw hat aside and ran fingers through my best feature to press my scalp. Peering through my dark wrap-around sunglasses, he smiled to display the whitest teeth on the East Coast.
“How about your ribs, any pain?”
Panic set in because Tony wouldn’t be able to find my ribs. Mom always taught me to clean my plate and that’s no excuse for a middle aged woman.

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