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1/24/16 WEWRIWA

Thanks to everyone for your love and good wishes for the Vertigo. I’ve gone to a different doctor who will hopefully bring health to me.

She Didn’t Say No step two.

The innocent Grace Meredith takes a drive to Nyack Beach with Scott Dwyer where they share a kiss or two. On the way home they pass her apartment where she lives alone.

“I’ve admired you for months at the library and here we are.”

Is this where I say come up or what? and then I heard myself asking if he’d like to to come up and we’re kissing in my quiet apartment where no one ever came until now. Hearing about it and reading books is not the same.

First we sat on the couch and necked and that led to him, oh so politely, asking if he did this and that and soon we were naked on my maiden double bed with pink flowered sheets and a matching spread.

Do you have protection? Um, oh protection!


Say No CVR ARe

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7/6/14 WEWRIWA

God Bless America. When I read the history of how our country came to be, I’m awed by the efforts put forth in creating our United States of America.

Welcome to Sunday at WEWRIWA. Today I continue with the reawakening of Beth Malone. Rising from the ashes of a disastrous marriage, she moves on. Beth reaches out to daughter Susie in today’s eight. Susie is a teacher who lives with her boy friend, Javier. She’s always been daddy’s best girl and just knows that her father is going through a mid-life crisis and will return to Beth before long. Susie is stopping by to have a sandwich and cookies before Parent’s night at her school.


excerpt in eight:

Susie kicked off her shoes and headed for the comfortable kitchen sniffing the air.
“Thanks for taking the time to bake my faves, Mom, I really appreciate the effort.” Chomping on a cookie, she said,“Javier thinks you’re very brave and mothers should be revered and taken care of, especially in time of need and that I better clean up my act.” Susie bit into another cookie, swallowed and started in on the toasted ham and Swiss cheese Beth prepared for her.
Beth thought for a moment and said,”That’s lovely of Javier for understanding this has been the worst time of my life and I’m virtually alone in dealing with my loss.”
But Susie, I’ve always loved you and felt left out when you and your father had secret jokes and special times together.”
“Mom,” Susie stood up ready to leave, “Unfortunately, I have to get back to school but you’re right and Javier is right and please don’t take all the blame for what’s happened in the past ’cause I’m old enough to admit I’ve been acting like a brat.”

Hopeful afaf06a-tbc_flat_front_to_work_with_copyter her daughter left, Beth prepared for tonight’s dinner with her only friend so far, the pool guy, Maverick.

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