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Chapter 3

The wail of an ambulance came close. In a frenzy, C.R. waved for attention. Two men jumped from the vehicle, stretcher in hand with equipment to examine the woman on the ground. Jim O’Connell, a man C.R. knew since childhood hurried over. “My Grans fell.”

“I’ll take good care, my dear.” He bent down to examine the elderly woman who appeared to be so frail. Cassie Rae looked, blinked her eyes to see a friend from high school so long ago. “Charlie.” She held out her hand. He stared at the pretty girl he once loved way back in time.

“Hey, Cassidy Rae. I’m home from school helping my Dad this weekend. Sorry Grans fell. We’ll have to get her to the hospital, for sure. Follow us.” She shook her head. “Hell no, Charlie. I’ll lock up Tommy, turn off supper and ride with you.” She ran toward the house after kissing her dearest Granny. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

“What do you think, Dad? To me, it looks serious. Maybe she had a stroke and fell fracturing her ankle.”







9/6/15 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang, what a glorious week. Lots of good news but it will keep for a little while

Continuing with my WIP. This is where the twins are kidnapped from the school where they’ve been kept for many years. They texted their Uncle Stuart in Chicago who gave the word to the evil sister Elizabeth that the cops were after her and drove to the isolated school to kidnap their nieces age seventeen.


They tiptoed down the hall to a small room and one of the girls closed the door cramped for two and now there were five adults packed like sardines, everyone smiling.
“Did you come to spring us ’cause we’ve been waiting for a long time.”
Like a comedy act, the girls had their audience silently cracking up.
Stuart held thumbs up, Eleanor held both thumbs up, and Edgar said, “Break out.”
They packed in one duffel bag, if you don’t have much, it doesn’t take long just like Charlie and Jimmy.
“Wait for us by the front door and we’ll say goodbye and thank you for holding us hostage for too many years.”

The twins never looked back, their green eyes popped wide at the shiny black limousine parked in the driveway.

“We will all be quite comfortable getting to the airport,” as she touched their matching tawny auburn hair glowing in the late afternoon sun. Carey whooped with obvious joy and cartwheeled all the way to the sleek long machine and her sister followed with back flips not missing a beat.

Five minutes later they were all seated in the spacious limousine, the girls apparently subdued by the sudden change in status.

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whendoublebecomessingleat Amazon and B&N available in all eformats and paperbacks

Announcing a 5 star review for When Double Becomes SIngle by Joanne Guidoccio

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Ms. Gordon has written a novel that tugs at the heartstrings. From start to finish, I found myself rooting for Sharon Michaels, the lovable protagonist, who succeeds in inspiring and motivating not only widows and widowers, but anyone who is experiencing an empty nest, divorce, retirement, or other unexpected change of circumstances.

After the death of her beloved husband, Sharon grieves deeply but finds the inner strength to begin her healing journey. As she embarks on a series of adventures, her life becomes a whirlwind, filled with new people and delightful experiences. At one point, a prolific “senior” author makes a cameo appearance, adding to the inspirational tone of the novel.

Well done, Ms. Gordon! This is a book I read in one sitting and simply couldn’t put down.

3/1/15 WEWRIWA

YIPPEE! We’re getting closer, folks. I never dreamed a month could be so bitter and confining. Yuck. But we are survivors to live again and greet the sun.

I continue with my nameless WIP, poor baby. Chip sent a shout out for one possibility and I’m considering it. Come on , folks. Maybe this week’s eight will stimulate an idea from a group filled with just the right title.

Last week , Chapter one introduced you to James Chandler in the hospital, bloodied panties on his head from a fall on the platform bed. Dangerous after making love in the dark when she says no and cries.

excerpt in eight:

Two a.m. the ambulance sirens shut down and stopped at the Emergency entrance to the River’s Edge Hospital. Anna followed the EMT’s into the hospital when a guard tried to stop her by saying,” are you related?”
“Well, almost, we’re engaged;” antiseptic smells bombarded her senses as Anna followed the gurney down the narrow emergency area to where a doctor slumped against the wall. She ran to him, touched his white coat, “Doctor, my fiancé fell, hit his head against the platform of his bed and he’s unconscious so please hurry.”
Squinting his eyes at her, he nodded.and she marveled at the way he shook his head as if to clear cobwebs of exhaustion and come awake. “An educated guess is concussion but first an MRI so wait here because someone will be asking for his insurance card and personal information.”
Alone in the curtained cubicle, Anna prayed to all the Gods she knew; “please keep James Chandler safe and healthy; we have plans for a life together, dear Father. I said no because I wanted to think of what to do about my dear tribal  people who will hate me if I marry someone without making amends.” She laid down on the cot where the doctor had examined her Jimmy and dozed off.

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SA Charmaine pic 2 resized

12/30/14 WEWRIWA

It’s not only WEWRIWA day but Don and I are celebrating 12 years of wedded bliss. After eleven years of Shh-living together-don’t tell our kids- The widower and the widow met at a recycling single men party in NJ and that was IT for us.Enough of getting to know you with strangers, we hit it off.

Today I continue with my WIP, Breaking New Ground-thank you Evelyn- After thinking about the story, I realized I was moving too fast, making it too sweet and losing conflict we all like. So I did a bit of editing and let me know what you think, my friends. The housing complex is already well under construction when a snag comes up.

Max cleared his throat, “The company can’t build on one section,” he gestured to the wooded area close to her home, “because you’re on the grounds; I mean your house is built on part of the property necessary to the plans and owned by James Chandler, president of the construction company’s”
The widow laughed, a hearty one that rang in their ears and said, “Tough tushies to your company and to you so scat, I have work to do,” and turned her rigid back to them.
“But Mrs. Brown, our company is prepared to relocate you to another part of River’s Edge where you’ll be comfortable with air conditioning and new appliances and whatever you need.”
This time when she faced the young men she held a broom in her hands, a determined look crossed her face, “You go back to the clunk head of your company and tell him I have no intention of ever moving from the home we built fifty years ago, brick by brick, board by board, nail by nail. Let him build his community for adults-only and what the hell kind of place is that without kids because family is the life’s blood of our country. Take a few apples from the baskets at the door; we planted those trees” gnarled hands gestured toward the side yard, “when we moved in. The apples are sweet as sugar but you wouldn’t know about that.”
As they left, Max and Frank heard a child’s voice call out. “Granny, I need your help for some homework.”

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10565219_10202759512405320_3484045201100648786_nLast summer. Don was undergoing radiation and has now completely recovered from prostate cancer. Yippee!

Happy New Year to all and to all a goodnight. With love from Charmaine

8/3/14 WEWRIWA

August and the weather feels almost like fall so far with relatively cool and cloudy days. But the sun shines upon us at Weekend Writer Warriors as we gear up for another Sunday.

Today I bring to you a WIP, working title Housebroken. No, it’s not about a dog although my husband commented that I’ve housebroken him and he’s right. Sally and Steve Atwood thought when their last child walked out the door and waved goodbye, his bride beside him, life would be a breeze after thirty five years of marriage raising three kids. Life doesn’t always work out that way.

You know I welcome your constructive critique and thanks for your support.

excerpt in eight:

“Alone at last,” Steve hugged his wife, “Let our second honeymoon begin.” To his surprise, when he lifted Sally’s chin for a kiss, he found tears running down her cheeks.

She sniffled, wiped tears on his shirt and pointed to the big quiet rooms in their home; “Once we had sweet babies crawling and later children ‘s toys were. . .”

“underfoot and we never slept because they cried all night and later they wanted the keys to the car and thought they knew more than we did.” He pulled her to him and said, “Sweetheart, you’ve forgotten the effort we’ve put in to raising the kids to be good people and now it’s our turn to be alone.” Let’s have champagne to celebrate; I bought your favorite chocolate covered strawberries so fill the Jacuzzi and we can relax.”

Sally kissed her husband, knew he was right and he’d pushed the right buttons for a decadent afternoon. A  flute of bubbly, dark chocolate covered strawberries and sex–perfect.

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As you can see, my publisher has faith in me and has already prepared a cover.

The town is River’s Edge in upstate NY, the same setting for She Didn’t Say No.                                                                    Housebroken CVR front


 Are we having fun yet? You bet we are.