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And Then She SAid. . .

Grandest loves her mom, her pets and me but last week I witnessed a different side of her.



After TaeKwando class, she dragged me next door to the pizza place for a drink of water. “Don’t worry, Grans, he’s a nice man. He always gives me water free and you don’t have to buy a slice.” And there we were where other kids and moms and one grandmother and her grandson sat devouring yum food.

The boy, always stern and focused in class, began to giggle and so did grandest. He asked for a play date. She gave him her mom’s cell phone number. Then she ran to get straws, sticking them in her mouth to imitate a walrus. More giggling. Romance blossomed before my eyes. I felt like giggling. How cute to see the spontaneity of two six year old kids dressed in the same uniforms, one a yellow belt, the other a blue belt.

photo (5)

I felt like giggling too, unseemly for little old Grans. Kids! How cute and sweet they are.

And Then She Said. . .and Did

Going from white belt to high white belt to yellow belt! What a thrill watching Grandest standing alone in the center of the large room so poised being tested for a yellow belt on Monday. Master Yu called out instructions, she followed, broke a board with the side of her foot this time. Applause, applause. Finally, test completed he called her forward to receive a trophy and a yellow belt. Beaming, she bowed and turned to her mommy and me on the sidelines. I do believe I saw a bit of swagger in her barefooted step. Yes, I did.