Reconsructing Charlie

Charlie called her mother. “Mom, is he really dead?”My darling girl. Yes, its our secret to keep forever. Make sure you never tell anyone. I could get in a whole lot of trouble for lying.” In my thoughts, I pictured Mom’s next words. “Max Calhoun wants to marry me and move farawy. Soon we are going to a good place in Utah so I should not call. She will call me. Little pieces of my heart fell off and I didn’t know how to put them back together. After changing into a clean tee shirt and panties, I climbed between the silky sheets to find Lord and Lady still there, tails wagging. Against my better judgement , did I have any at fifteen? I let them curl against me, theit warm furry bodies a comfort. My last waking thout: tell Aunt and Uncle about the long distance call and offer to pay the charge.Heavy rain pounded the windows matched my wake-up mood. I showerd off my grief and realized I had a new life, now Mom had one. And I made a plan for a little independence. With two hundred frty dollars in my money belt, I’d buy bike to solve the immediate limousine embarrastment. Lots to talk about over dinner tonight.No time to waste, mind in a spin, I dressed in the short skirt outfit, scooted two reluctant pups out to the covered run in the back and hurried to slap a pb and j sandwich together for lunch.”Good mornin’ to you, Charlie. It’s time we met. “I’m Ms. Appleton but call me Granny Apple. Now have some pancakes and be on your way. Do you know who does laundrey here? I want to thank her for washing my clothes.” “tiz Sean, me nephew. Sean, A guyis washing my personal stuff, touching my underwear. My blood doiled. What to do? I left for school.

23 thoughts on “Reconsructing Charlie

  1. Charmaine Gordon says:
    June 21, 2020 at 10: 50 am Edit
    Dogs are absolutely delightful. They listen and play. Lord, the male pooch, is always full of mischief. As for me, my friend, last night, I fell. Too delicate for an ancient broad. Thanks for coming over this sunny day.

  2. How sad that she won’t see her mom or even hear from her. Yet, Charlie seems to come out of it okay. What a resilient character.

  3. Charmaine Gordon says: June 21, 2020 at 2:30 pm Edit. Mothers are so precious. Personally, my mom died, all dressed up, ready to meet her sisters. No one knew where she was. I drove over to her home and she was gone wearing a brand new dress. Sorry to mention this but it’s life. Thanks for your kindess, my friend.

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