And Then She Said. . .

After school one day, instead of rushing in the house to dine on Mac and Cheese and stuff, Grandest called out, “Granny, I’m going to swing in the front.” Curious, I followed her to find a friend had strung up rope and there she was jumping on her picnic table and climbing a thick yellow rope.

Not to be out done, I said, “I’m coming.” Cane in hand, off I hobbled. She helped me climb on the table and grab the rope. Heart palpitating, I tried. Really, I tried.  She showed me hw to stretch and do thing I used to do with no prob but what can I say. Age has taken a toll. So I watched and enjoyed, tried again and again. When she finished, hand in hand we headed toward the house where homework and food waited.

Do I love this Grandest? You know I do.


Sassy at seven and a half.






11/22/15 WEWRIWA

DD ereader with handsThe trees are bare; our lawn is golden instead of green. What a gorgeous time of the year except for darkness; she covers the light and night falls too soon.

Dr. D discovered Tony Flanagan’s secret last week. He’s a good man opening his home and heart to foster children; a man to love.


Hacienda for Tiger and me as he pressed against my ankles in need of food. If he knew how to sing, the Rolling Stones “I Don’t Get No Satisfaction,” would be his choice.  Then I saw a message light blinking on the land line and thought please no emergency.
Tony’s voice and my heart beat faster when he said, “Diane, if you can forgive me, please forgive me, let’s have dinner at one of your favorite places and since I don’t know the area very well, pick somewhere special where we can clear the air and get to know each other.
“Hi, Tony here,” and I laughed, the sound of his voice music, a symphony to my weary ears. “ Pick me up at eight, I know just the place, The Conch House on the ocean.”
A date, what do you think about that, Diane, not bad for starters like a baby learning to crawl, then walk, there’s hope. I weighed myself, not a pound gone; I don’t ask for much so I’ll walk every day, eat healthy and see what happens. If by tomorrow I haven’t lost two pounds, I’ll go back to my slothful lifestyle.

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The Son Also Rises

Once upon a time a baby was born to the Gordon household. Not quite six pounds and 19 inches tall, so sweet, he slept through the night unlike most of our children. We named him Paul.

Little did I know  he would become a multi-talented dancer and  scholar and also become my best friend. Through the years in his travels abroad, he met the lovely Eva Stengard, a well known artist in her home in Denmark. They married two years ago and visit the states whenever possible.

He reached a big birthday this week. How well I recall the night he was born. Bud laughed and hugged me. He kept singing the theme song from a TV show titled My Three Sons.

This son has brought more joy into my life than I can express. Feel the love? I hope you have the same feeling about your kin.

1383259_10200724043359140_1842506079_nPaul and Eva in Copenhagen on their wedding day.

11/15/15 WEWRIWA

Hi gang, Daugher and grandest are sick so it’s me to the rescue. More about Dr. D. and Tony Flanagan at the clinic.


“I told the truth but what I left out is I have foster children, three right now. That’s why I bought a big house because I need to give back for all the years my wife withered away for vanity. She was anorexic and sick, yes and nothing I tried brought her back to reality. Moving here, away from my past, I’m able to help children in a positive way. Hopefully the agency will find a good home for Maria and the other kids. Meanwhile I won’t let them wander from home to home when I can provide a caring place for them.” He raked long fingers through his dark hair. “Here I go again on a platform. Please forgive me for not telling you last night, I should have known you’d understand.”

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The picture speaks for itself. Grandest has helped raise this big sweetheart from a frightened, abused pooch rescued to a loving home. What a wonderful environment for both of them thanks to my daughter.

I’ve written several stories about dogs and their capability as therapy dogs to heal. One of my favorites is titled Young at Heart where an older couple meet and due to a misunderstanding they can’t find each other. Add a snow storm, a concussion, a therapy dog named Kizzy and the search is on with a happy ending, of course. Young at Heart is in a series titled The Beginning. . .Not The End.YAH CVR F

And Then She Said. . .

Her Grandfather never got to hold her and love this grandest of ours. Now she pays honor to him as best she can by singing with her school mates on Veteran’s Day.

Seven and a half, all dressed up and so glam on this day.

46235_4036441625825_953707763_nMy young pilot in the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War. R.I.P.

The following title Farewell/Hello is a true story of love, war and everything in between.

Concept CVR FH 1-1

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Farewell, Hello by Charmaine Gordon

That first kiss… that first incredible, agonizing, bellyache-making first kiss. Soon, Joy and Danny are inseparable, planning a future – a life, together. A kiss goodbye couldn’t prepare the high school sweethearts for all that lay ahead. A family crisis, a tornado, and the Korean War brought their plans to a screeching halt, and changed their futures… but maybe not their forever.

11/8/15 WEWRIWA

I have two large Grand Dogs. One is a Pit Bull ; the other is a Chocolate Lab. They love their Granny. I ask you why oh why must I dog sit every so often? I’m just a Gal who can’t say NO. Don works late tonight so I’m packing my pillow, jams, writing stuff and off I drive to daughter’s where the pooches wait for me. Shh, don’t tell but I do believe by next year, wedding bells are happening and I won’t sit any more for the Grand Dogs sweet as they may be.

Moving along with Dr.D and the Dad. Last week Tony admired Diane’s tomatoes in the fridge as she admired his butt when he leaned over.


. My youthful staff tended to saunter in soon after me from active social lives Saturday night and to my surprise, Tony hurried in with a small child in his arms.
“What’s the matter?”
“Ear ache, the sitter didn’t call me.”
Sitter? he said he didn’t have children.
“What’s your name, honey?” and I held out my arms, not meeting his eyes.
She sobbed and buried her wet face in my neck, “Maria.”
“Let’s take a look in your ear and see the bad booboo that’s hurting you.”

After  a thorough check-up I beckoned with a follow me crook of my finger and led Tony to my private office.

“Maria has a severe ear infection; I checked his insurance papers; “Maria Gonzalez and your name is Tony Flannigan as I recall and you said you have no children so what’s this all about?”

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