4/26/15 WEWRIWA

April showers bring May flowers. So true as I see everything blooming so nicely. Hostas all over the place plus more perrenials. What a joy to sit on the back porch for a little while and soak up a bit of sunshine. The third in the River’s Edge trilogy is Spreading Her Wings to be released next week. The story begins with a frantic call to Sally Kirkwood early one summer morning from a neighbor. Sally, the intrepid reporter everyone counts on rises to the occasion.

excerpt in eight:

“Sally? Is this Sally? It’s Teresa from the Silver Belles Club. My daughter’s gone.” Close to hysteria, the woman’s voice cracked.
“Teresa.” Sally cleared her mind; Teresa who had some health issues last year.A quick glance at the clock showed 7:30. Sally crawled out of bed.

“What do you mean your daughter’s gone? I didn’t even know you had a daughter so just be cool and I’ll be right over.”

Always speedy in an emergency, Sally pulled on jeans, a shirt and tied on sneakers.
Sally Atwood, reporter extraordinaire in River’s Edge, ran three blocks from her home to knock on Teresa Maxwell’s door.

A wan red eyed thin woman opened the door to fall into Sally’s arms.
“Jack’s out of town, Misty was visiting for a few days when suddenly she got a bunch of calls, dressed, packed and when I went shopping for dinner, she left without a word.”

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And Then She Did and Said. . .

At a birthday party last Saturday, Grandest showed some artistic skills. I didn’t get a pic but what she painted, to these old eyes, was totally cool. The place is Pinot Palette in Nanuet owned by daughter’s friend Barbara Nesi. If you’re looking for a terrific venue for a children’s birthday party, check it out. The teacher on that day was Melissa, a skilled artist, someone who teaches high school. Music with dancing and food and the joy of painting.

Whenever I leave daughter’s home, grandest takes my hand with her small hand to help me down the big front steps. Yesterday, after she helped me down I walked across the lawn to my car. She called to me. “Granny, from now on I want you to practice taking all the front steps so you’ll get used to it. And don’t be scared. I’ll be right here to help you.”

Is this a kid or what? I definitely must live to a super old age to watch her grow up to maturity.

10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_nGrandest, what a kid!!!!!!!!

4/17/15 WEWRIWA

If an author quotes says this, I believe it.

Charmaine Gordon writes charming stories filled with love! – Bestselling author of Playing For Keeps, Liz Matis
Bridging the Gap is released and ready to enjoy. WEWRIWA is thanked in the dedication for all the constructivive critique, week after week. Thanks again, my friends.
Last week Amanda, Jimmy Chandler’s young daughter revealed overhearing her mother telling someone she never wanted children. All she wanted was her husband’s money. Jimmy calls his lawyer.
At eleven thirty, Mandy’s lunch time, they picked her up from school. Lunch became a picnic once their girl shared a bite of peanut butter and jelly with her new best pal. Amanda’s face licked clean with help from little Doc, the family crowded into the elevator, a new experience for all of them. As predicted, Katherine Chandler had dressed like a sophisticated nun, all in black. At the sight of her mother, Mandy trembled. She held tight to her Daddy and new Mommy, Anna.
excerpt in eight:
The lawyer sat them in comfortable chairs across the wide table; again Mandy shivered.and whispered to Anna, “The table’s so big like a lake, she can’t swim across and grab me, can she?”
“No, honey. We’ll take care of you today and always so be tough and brave the way you were when the bulldozer came last year and you were just six.”
“And who is she?” the shrill voice of Katherine Chandler screeched as she pointed a long curved painted blue fingernail at Anna.
“She’s my new Mommy.” and small hands reached up to pull Anna’s face close where the seven year old girl planted a kiss on Anna’s cheek.
Like the big bad wolf who expected to blow the house down, Katherine demanded to see legal papers and flustered, the high priced lawyer she’d engaged to represent her,

requested the documents,

“This is ridiculous,” Katherine pointed to the date, yesterday, “He wants my baby girl, come to Mommy.”
“What kind of a Mommy are you ’cause you left me alone all the time  with no Mommy to say hi with a kiss after school.”
The Chandler’s lawyer Ralph Merritt rose to say, “This proves Katherine Chandler to be unfit as a mother; she has damaged her daughter and we have proof she never wanted her and the child, Amanda Chandler, wishes to be separated from Katherine Chandler forever.  She may be seven years old but she knows what you’ve done.”

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Next week I begin sharing Spreading Her Wings with you.

Where do stories come from?

Hi gang. This is a banner week for me. Bridging the Gap was released yesterday and I sent Spreading Her Wings to my publisher, Kimberlee Williams, Vanilla Heart Publishing. My fingers itch to begin a new story. One buzzes in my head. A novel about a woman, suddenly widowed, her comfortable life shattered; insurance covers needs and then. . .

Oh my. Should she fly to her son in a far away country to regain her sanity from. . . Hmm.

When I wrote Bridging the Gap, a young woman appeared. I named her Anna Youngblood. A native American who ran away from the tribe to prove herself worthy. The story grew from there. What did I know about Native Americans? Not much. That’s where research comes in. Just enough to give me the flavor I needed to flesh out a story with romance, a therapy dog for healing the man she loves. . .

Here’s the blurb:

Anna Youngblood and James Chandler have problems. His little daughter overheard his ex say she never wanted kids; Anna must make amends for breaking rules of her tribe; he has a serious concussion and she’s pregnant. Can this couple find happiness in River’s Edge?

CVR Bridging the Gap w beagleReviews are important to writers. I’d so appreciate if you read my book, please leave a review.

Thanks for your support, Charmaine




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4/12/15 WEWRIWA

Cats all over the place. So sweet as they climb on my lap and bother me while writing. Oh well. Spring is definitely here. I planted tulips and deer ate them. Bad word for the pretty deer. At least they didn’t munch on my daffodils and more hyacinth than you can count.

Last week in Bridging the Gap, the happy couple, James and Anna named the pup Doc after Dr. Brad Cohen, their new best friend. This is the calm before the storm, my friends. Anna is pregnant,James is still recovering from the concussion, Anna has to make amends with her mother, magistrate of the tribe she ran away from two years before and now Amanda, Jimmy’s daughter from his first unfortunate marriage is settled in bed in the penthouse.Kathy is her natural mother’s name.

excerpt in eight:

Anna heard sounds coming from a phone and she thought, maybe the little girl has some kind of cell phone that can tape conversations so she poked Jimmy who was just about to fall asleep.

“Honey, you’ve got to hear this.” and they crept to the door and listened; what they heard staggered them.

James knocked on Mandy’s door, it’s Daddy, honey may we come in?
Sure enough, she had a new Iphone next to her ear and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Startled and frightened, Mandy gasped for air; one night, I heard Kathy talking to someone real loud so I brought my phone next to the door to tape her talking. She said, she said, oh Daddy, she said she never wanted to have me.  She said the only reason she was in the house was to make trouble for you and get more money. Listen.” She played it again. And I took pictures of her lying in bed all fancy in a dress.”

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CVR Bridging the Gap w beagle

From Mother to Daughter with love. . .

After having a batch of sons, we moved to the Boston area and once again I decided we needed one more child. Husband reminded me that I was the one to be at home raising said children and I smiled. So pregnant once again, what a dope, this time-it was not easy. After one surgery, we managed to survive the next few months and the famous Dr. Easterday at Boston Lying-In Hospital in Brookline agreed to care for me for the next short time.

The delivery would be easy, he thought but no. After a few hours of nothing happening, he decided on C section. At that moment, baby made a move. I yelled, “It’s on the way.”

“It’s another boy. Look at the shoulders.” And then a second later, “You have a girl.” Joy spread throughout the room. “I’ll make her a dress of Swiss polka dot.”

Things went very bad for the new mother. I had a near-death experience and folks, I’m here to tell you there are choices to be made. I chose to live, to help my husband raise all those kids and not leave him alone without capable me.

So here we are on my daughter’s birthday, survivors. Her Daddy didn’t live past his 58th birthday but I’m here to be supportive, to be part of her team when she needs me, to be grandest’s Granny.

Please join me in saying happy Birthday to my daughter, Amy Malone, a daughter to be proud of.

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

Easter Sunday and all is well

Don and I went to visit daughter and grandest and we played ball. Did you ever play Monkey in the Middle? The best fun ever. Daughter kept saying I should sit and watch. Who me? Not so. I scrambled for every ball, grandest retrieved the ones that got away. No end to laughter ringing in the sunshine. We made a batch of bacon for a treat, dogs barked in the yard safe behind the fence and I was the last one standing. See the pic of me conducting I don’t know what. Maybe the happy in my heart.

Thanks for checking in to share my joy. Can you feel it?

10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_n CVR Bridging the Gap w beagle

New book to be released in a couple of weeks. Titled Bridging the Gap.


Anna Youngblood and James Chandler have problems. His little daughter overheard his ex say she never wanted kids; Anna must make amends for breaking rules of her tribe; he has a serious concussion and she’s pregnant. Can this couple find happiness in River’s Edge? You betcha, they can. Conflict, don’t you love it?

11091458_10204217480693616_6383228638193286044_n                                                                                                                     Here I am conducting the sunshine at the end of Monkey in the Middle