10/4/15 WEWRIWA

Another wild and crazy week, my friends. Daughter had Bunion plus Hammertoe surgery and being the good Granny, I’ve been here all week. Nothing like watching your child suffer. So much pain involved.

Moving on to Dr. D and the Dad. Let’s have some fun. Last week, her small patients covered Dr. D in sand and left when their mommies called for cookie time. Let’s see what happens when she wakes up as the tide rolls in.


When I’d ventured off my veranda onto the sand not too long ago and trudged toward the secluded area where boulders formed a natural barrier, the tide was out. I rolled my terry cloth cover-up into a makeshift pillow and lowered myself to the towel. Big sunglasses covered green eyes and part of full cheeks, a floppy straw hat shaded my strawberry blond curly hair, my best feature, Mom used to say when she wasn’t nagging me about going on a diet. After lathering with sunscreen, at last I was ready to ponder my non-existent personal life and chart a different course for the future. I’d planned to contemplate my navel but the double D cups got in the way, no navel in sight.
Why bother going out in the sun; spend money on yet another swim suit guaranteed to make you look slimmer when it all came down to choices like Chocolate or tofu?  Fifty five, chubby, smart enough to become a doctor, to have a paid-up house on the beach, a. . .
Pain as all the air whooshed out of me when something fell across my body and I couldn’t breathe. “Did I hurt you? cause I was running and something moved
and well I didn’t realize someone was under the sand.”
“Oh,” I moaned and tried to get up and the sand held me down and so did he.  I opened my eyes and through the sunglasses, saw Antonio Banderas, not really the actor but he sure looked like him.

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Book Promo: No Time for Green Bananas by Charmaine Gordon

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No Time for Green Bananas (The Beginning... Not the End Book 4) by Charmaine Gordon

“Green bananas take time to ripen. Do not wait. There may not be a tomorrow.”

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Celeste Hamlin, the seventy-five year old widow, CEO of O.U.R. Airlines specializing in chartered vacations, has a goal… She needs to once more conquer the six mountains in the Saranac Lake region before deciding what to do with the rest of her life.

Sixty-two year old Professor Paul Harris, is on sabbatical to hike and relax. When he meets the dynamic Celeste, he recalls the last words his wife said before she passed. “Find another love and begin again.”

What happens next between an older woman and younger man is a story of gentle passion and discovery of The Beginning… Not The End.

EDITORIAL REVIEW – reviewed by Chelle Cordero, Combining Passion & Suspense

You are never too weathered to learn how to love again…

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9/27/15 WEWRIWA

What a week. The weather is still gorgeous and I’m, like all of us, so busy writing.

I’m asking you, my friends, for a title for the WIP almost finished. Twin Costigans come home to Chicago. Just a few words to sum it up. A gift copy for the best idea.

And now here comes an oldie but a goodie. Dr. D and the Dad


“She’s sleepin’, Doctor D’s sleepin’,” the smallest boy said and giggled. Little fingers lifted my sunglasses and dropped them back on my sun burned nose.
Almost sleepin’, I thought, eyes closed, if they’d let me. Easy to doze in the hot sun, heavy wet sand covering most of my ample body. This band of munchkins, my patients at the clinic, wore themselves out carrying little red, blue and striped pails of sand. When a high pitched voice interrupted my reveries to ask if they could cover my toes, I’d said sure. Little did I know they’d get carried away and create a mountain of me at this end of St. Augustine Beach. And little did I know they’d abandon me for cookies and juice when mommy called as the tide began to roll back in. It was a warning, you too can be replaced by a cookie. Should be posted at the beach and given along with every birth certificate.

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9/20/15 WEWRIWA

And here we are -autumn in New York. Just the beginning of another season of beauty.

One more snippet of my WIP and then I’ll move on. Thanks for all your help and super comments.


They drove up to their home on Lake Shore Drive to find lights twinkling from every window.
The twins grabbed both ends of the old duffel bag and ran up the steps to the elegant door with a huge brass knocker in the middle. Voices came from inside and laughter; a party was going on.  Their big sister Charlie answered the door and said,”“Oh My God, they’re here and all grown up, Jimmy, hurry.”
Aunt Eleanor, Uncle Stuart and Edgar watched the children reunite. Solemn at first, tentative and then joyous with Shelley, Jimmy’s wife and six little kids in the background, and Charlie’s husband Jerry with their two kids.

Celia crouched next to her sister, tears falling as they caressed each small face and said, “Family, sister, we’re part of a family, finally.”

When dinner ended and small heads drooped, Celia said, “Excuse us, but is there a private room where we can talk to Charlie and Jimmy for a little while?”
The twins gazed around the table hoping, on this night, they could finally find out what happened so long ago and clear away the cobwebs that disturbed them. Only their big sister and brother knew the answer.

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9/13/15 WEWRIWA

Well here we are, a pouring rain today and that’s just fine. Maybe the grass will turn green again. Bless our loved ones who were lost at the World Trade Center years ago. So many hearts were broken that fateful day. May there never be another day like that in our beautiful country.

Today I continue with my WIP. Thanks for all your enthusiastic comments, dear friends. Last week, the twins escaped the private school where they lived captive for many years with the help of Aunt and Uncle Alfred and as always, Edgar in his black suit. Chicago, here they come.


“Thanks for springing us, otherwise we would have climbed over the gate and hitchhiked to Chicago.”
Eleanor thought about the cold winter they were facing and the fact the girls wore simple cotton shorts and tee shirts as she asked, “Do you have warm clothes in the duffel bag?”
They giggled and Carey said, “no, Ma’am, just undies, socks, sneaks, jammies. . .”
Celia finished with,”2 shorts, 2 tees, I white shirt and a black skirt.”
“And a partridge in a pear tree,” their sweet voices sang in harmony.
Uncle Stuart chuckled, “We’re in for a wonderful life with our nieces.”

Celia whispered to Eleanor. “Where’s the loo?”

“Stuart, the girls are like foreigners in some way with everything so fresh and new.”
He took a deep breath and exploded with laughter when the girls returned riding piggyback carrying gift soaps and lotions from the small loo.

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whendoublebecomessingleanother 5 Star review I’m pleased to share with you.

By Judith Audevard on September 6, 2015

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Happy Grandparents’ Day! Give Them the Gift of Great Reading!

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TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcementTNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcement


Sunday, September 13!

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