A troubled few days , dear friends, so I’ll just move on with my story, running late since I stayed at daughters for a while.

Tom Donnelly is bewitched with the pretty woman who refuses to talk, look, pay any attention to him. Here’s a bit about her background.

excerpt: Joanne McKenna Friedman ran away from home at sixteen. Her only buddy, her dad, passed on leaving her the youngest of five, an unwanted child with an unloving mom.When she got off the bus in New York, right away she got a job slinging hash in a diner warning the boss to keep his hands off her or else. She planned to get an education while living in a home for women. Until one night a man who looked like a schoolteacher offered her a ride , a place to stay, a hot tub for a bath.The first thing he said when they arrived at the apartment was that she should take a bath and as odd a suggestion it was, she went into the luxurious room and stripped, soaking in the warm water. When he entered the room naked, she realized she’d made the mistake of her life.

Used, abused, burned on her lovely skin, pawned to other men, she had to escape

and one day she did with fear hanging over her, she got a real education ; Joanne worked for Charlie Costigan, went to night school for a lawyers degree and every day, had to cover the marks on her skin left by the man who was supposed to be kind.

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Regarding my pal, Judy Audevard

She’s a doer, she is. And together, while I spent five weeks in rehab recovering from a terrible fall, we worked on a story about therapy dogs. Dogs are all over the place bringing comfort and smiles to ill people. Down the halls, peeking in doors, licking hands. Wonderful delicious dogs. I’ve seen them, love them, petted these furry critters who helped my spirit grow. And now I’m home with five cats and my dear husband in a quest for health, no dogs nearby.

I ask you out there, wherever you may be, help me with my therapy and rescue dog book. I’ve spent hours writing  in an attempt to enrich the book. Judy has been awarded by the president with a silver award for service to our country. I’m so proud of her accomplishments.She works with Wounded Warriors, needy children, formed Paws for a Cause. All I can do is finish this book and make us all proud.


I require some more stories and you are the ones who have them. Send them to me. Tell me about the love you have for your pets and how you feel.


I will appreciate your effort and you’ll know this writer will tell a good tale.

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A Moment with Anthony Hopkins

Am I having fun or what? Who cares that I spent 5 weeks in the rehab -YIKES! My memories are still wonderful. This is what happened. We were up north at Mohonk shooting a months worth of The Well to Happiness or something  when I was sitting on a big bench waiting for my call time. All of a sudden this portly genmtleman stopped to speak with me. Moreover, he asked me to have lunch with him. I didn’t know he was the esteemed Anthony Hopkins. We dined, laughed, had fun and then it was time to go to work.

Anthony, call me Tony, escorted me to “places” and work began. My part was small, pretty clothes, part of a scene and good work. For a month. Wow. Wardrobe folks like my size; neat, small fit everything.

We had a few scenes together, nothing with blood and stuff but never the less ,we had fun. Mathew Broderick was in the movie and some comedian. It had to do with the Kellog Fondation, possible the first cereal-a health food movie.

Love to all. Charmaine.


Hi gang, I’m leaving this swell place on Tuesday coming up. I go home to my dear Don, 5 cats and computer. I’ve written a book about therapy dogs, almost complete as of now.Imagine falling on your poor head , shoulder and way poor hip and fractured pelvic all at once. Oh well, we begin again. Love to all and we start anew.

Last week Tom Donnelly made a new start.  This week he starts his continuing education required by the lawyer company.


He hurried through the snow covered campus fighting the bitterly cold wind off lake Michigan. One night, head down, he bumped into a young woman. Her brief case went flying. “Sorry” as he raced to retrieve it but when he returned, the woman and the gloved hand were gone.He admired her long strides in high heeled boots and wanted to catch up, but she disappeared and all he remembered was  long dark hair under a red winter hat.

Curiosity got him and one night in spring he followed her all the way to her classroom where she disappeared. He asked a classmate her name. Joanne Mckenna Friedman, the guy said  but she’ll never talk to you. Very private-sticks to herself, Doesn’t date-hot and smart.

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Bridget Donnelly flung open the old door and hugged her baby son.  “Tommy me boy,so pleased to see ya t’day. It broke his heart to see the way she forgave his terrble behavior.

Pop’s voice bellowed from the kitchen, he’d have a lot to account for this first day of New Year.Two days later after a full day of work,Tom headed to St. Margaret’s Church where his dad was volunteer at the soup kitchen.  It was time to get to know the old man better.

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No More Laughing-Hurts too much! WeWRIWA

The new Doctor said soon I’ll be well. Well, well. Not that soon.

Meanwhile we return to The Catch. Last week , Tom Donnelly’s football playing saved his life.Resolutions for the New Year is his plan. 1 Make work the first priority;More billable hours; take all the continuing ed courses demanded by the partners. Brother Patrick  warned I was heading for a fall with all the womanizing and carelessness  and now me, the younger gifted brother, was on the brink of disaster.Fingers ran through shaggy blond hair , Tom made a note to get a decent haircut and begin again.

excerpt: Apologize to the immediate family today, make amends. Can I stop drinking without help; I believe I can.Yet me, the catch with everything going had nothing today. Not too late to build a career, find the right woman and start a family.His first refusal from a girl might have begun his decline. Dressed in a tattered NU sweatshirt, sweat pants and running shoes, he hadn’t kept up with exercise as he ran down 3 flights of stairs-like everything else good for him, but this was the first day of the rest of his life. Words to live by and off he ran to wave hello and say Hi to people he didn’t know. A beginning.

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WeWriWa-The Catch

Hi gang,  it’s me, in rehab day after day recuperating, I think. And would you believe this person, this writer nobody knows is in business? I can’t stop laughing. On a daily basis, strangers stop by to say they’ve looked me up on Amazon or purchased one of my nifty books. Cracks this writer up. Suddenly I’m taking percoset and I’m in business.

Last week The former Catch, Tom Donnelly had to pay a young lady from a fancy club to have a New Years date. Never before has this happened and he didn’t even have enough money.