Starting Over

My friends, last week Emily Kendrick invited lawyer Patrick Corwin to her club party and he said yes. Romance begins for the widow and the widower. Let’s see what happens next.

Excerpt: Saturday, after two hours in and out of her closet trying on different outfits, Emily settled on a flowered long sleeved shirt tied at the waist, white silk pants and sandals. The mirror reflected an attractive, slim, energetic woman; the grieving widow was in disguise.

Emily drove to the club in her Jeep and searched for Patrick right away. He looked mighty nice: the phrase ‘clean him up and send him to my tent’ came to mind causing a deep flush to stain her tan cheeks.

They sat after dancing and she thought privately that it was tricky business, this man/woman thing at her age like whom can you trust?

Patrick said, “You are newly single?” and when she nodded, he said, “Will it upset you if I explain some basic safety rules about being single?”

“No go ahead as if she were a dope yet she didn’t mind his take-charge attitude, in fact she kind of liked it.

When he asked if she had a cell phone, she thought that was odd yet she answered that she left it at home to charge the battery. He handed her the smallest cell phone she’d ever seen and keyed in 911, and said  to her “Beware at all times of where you’re driving.”

“That seems overly cautious, Patrick, since I live three blocks from the club.”

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Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon






Katherine Hepburn had it so why can’t I

Aging is no fun. You’ve heard these words before and I’ll say them again. There are good things and get ready, folks, some are no fun. For instance, Katherine Hepburn, the famous actress, had Essential Tremors. When I first noticed a problem with shakiness, I went to an important doctor in the field. “Hmm,” he said after much deliberation. “You have Essential Tremors.” “Essential?” I cried. “Not Essential to me.”

Alas, no matter how I moaned and whimpered, took injections in the vocal chords etc, eventually my lovely voice gave out, my acting career ended and I began to write. Meanwhile back at the “Essential Tremor” department, I’m blessed with meds. Oh yes. A fine neurologist takes care of me as years go by. Writing books is a bit difficult because fingers don’t want to cooperate but what the heck, folks. My motto is Survive and Thrive. That’s what keeps me going.

And I learned years ago–a major secret. Are you listening? “CUTENESS COUNTS” Yes it does!! You don’t have to be pretty or handsome. No. All you have to do is Smile and that smile comes from your heart.

So that’s my good word for today. I say it with love to all of you.

Love, from Charmaine Gordon, that’s really what’s Essential to me

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Starting Over

Last week, widow Emily Kendrick and widower Patrick Corwin  meet on St. Augustine Beach by chance. They are attracted to each other although she is concerned it might be too soon to move on because memories of her husband cling tight. The unknown stalker is furious to see another man close to the woman he means to have. After the workout with the team, Emily heads to the lovely old house with the wrap-around porch purchased thirty years before when beach property was affordable.

Excerpt: Emily stood before the big mirror in the hall and looked at gray roots, a few wrinkles, and shook her head. A woman with grown children and no husband at her age of Fifty Something is too scary! She thought, the glass is half full; so stop feeling sorry for yourself because it’s time to take charge of your life.

After a quick lunch, she biked over to the swim and tennis club where water aerobic classes were held. Her closest friends hung out there most afternoons and she learned about a membership drive about to begin with a big party. She thought about her best friend, Mark Wagner, and how much she’d love to see him again. His wife died a year ago,followed by Emily’s husband and the perfect match would be if she and Mark got together. But no, for some unknown reason, he hadn’t called in a long time so again Emily felt bereft. Along came the nice man from the beach and just like that, she invited him to the party.

Of course, the lonely widower  accepted Emily’s invitation.

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Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon




Another World

Another World (1964–1999)

Plot Summary

  • The continuing story of life in the Midwestern town of Bay City, and the love, loss, trials, and triumph of its residents, who come from different backgrounds and social circles. Those who call Bay City home include the Matthews, Cory, Frame, Winthrop, Love, Hudson, Harrison, and Burrell families.

    Written by swissJohn29

  • During the sweet time when I was a full fledged actor in New York, work came from every direction. One day, one of my five agents, you see I worked free lance back then, called for me to see the big honcho at Another World. I had to audition for something. Excited, I drove to her office in the city. She gave me a script. I read. She asked me to dance as in ball room style with her. I did. And she said, “You’re perfect.” Words to live by. I drove home to the suburbs. Over the George Washington Bridge on to the beautiful drive all the way home. The words, “I am perfect”drummed in my head. It’s not often an important person in the business says those words to a small fish in the big pond. . The next day I got the call to report to Another World in a far away place. Not in New York where I’m familiar. No. I had to drive through tunnels and bridges and I got very confused and finally I arrived to park in the street. Not easy, not at all.
  • They sent me to wardrobe. That was fun. Since I’m petite, the wardrobe women had a good time finding the neatest clothes for me to wear. A sequined bodice worn with a black silk skirt. And then to makeup where they rearranged my face and hair. Like WOW! I still had no idea what my part was. Then came the reality. The scene took place in a restaurant with music. My date was a nice guy I’d worked with many times. We were to dance. I had to lead because Jack didn’t have a clue.  Then we’d sit on order, chat, rise to dance again. Very  well kind of boring but kind of fun.
  • The good thing was the time frame for this daytime drama lasted for a few hours then the next group came in. So home I went to return the following day.

It was great while it lasted, one year. The cast always made me feel at home. That’s why I call those years the SWEET time of my life.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, Charmaine

Starting Over

Last week I introduced Starting Over, a Survive And Thrive story. It take place in St.Augustine Beach, Florida where Emily Kendrick, a physical ed teacher at the nearby college stumbles over a hurdle and falls. A runner sprints through the the waves to hurry to aid her. Binoculars slam against the railing of the widow’s walk where a stalker has been watching her for months. The infamous Clifford Lansdale says, “She’s mine.”


“Are you all right?”the runner said.

“Oh sure, I never stumble like this and the kids will be coming down for practice soon so I’ve got to be on top of my game to train them.Thanks for stopping by, my name is Emily Kendrick.”

“Patrick Corwin, what kids?”

“I coach the women’s track team at the college and we’re at the beach most days before the crowd.”

“I run early morning before office hours because I have to get up to Jacksonville before morning rush. He fished a business card from his running shorts. Call me, I’d enjoy getting to know you better, Emily.”

Patrick left before she had a chance to say no and she thought how could she ever go out with another man; Larry was the best husband in the world, her high school sweetie.

She made the usual plans for the afternoon unaware that Clifford Lansdale knew her schedule.

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Enjoy the bounty  of Thanksgiving, my friends and be thankful for all we have.

Love to all from Charmaine



The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past


The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Back in the days when people didn’t lock the front door or car doors, the big family I belonged to gathered at my parent’s home for Thanksgiving. When I say big-I’m talking BIG. Grandma and Grandpa had ten kids. My mom was in the middle and somehow she became the hub of the wheel of this family.

Picture this: Grandparents seated at one end of the table, candlelight shining on their white hair and proud faces. At the other end sat my father, leaning back in the chair, master of all he surveyed. Every other chair was occupied by an uncle while my aunts scurried back and forth from kitchen to dining room carrying trays heaped with enough food to feed a small nation. And as they served, they managed to gossip about everything and everyone.

Did I mention that the table extended into the living room? Well it did, to accommodate all the cousins who were up to no good. Boys of all ages and me, the first girl born to this rowdy bunch and two quiet girl cousins. We couldn’t wait to finish dinner and crawl under the grown-up table and sit with legs of various relatives all around us, while we listened to adult conversation and tried to stifle laughter. We weren’t discovered until cigar and cigarette smoke from above sent us coughing and choking for fresher air.

Ah, sweet memories of the ghost of Thanksgiving past.


My friends, back in April this year, like Humpty Dumpty, this author had a great fall. Dearest daughter and grandest granddaughter, aged eight, with the swiftness of SuperMan, sent for an ambulance, got me into rehab for 7 weeks. Another wonderful friend, Judy Audevard, president of Paws for a Cause, sent the word to all her Therapy Dog people to visit me and give comfort. And so they did. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to me when these trained big and small canines wearing red jackets bounded into my room to lavish kisses and warm sweet heads on my damaged body. Bless them all and their handlers.

And so I wrote and wrote about my four legged friends that helped pull me through and gave me courage to eventually walk again.

The book is At Your Service                                                                                                                    ays-cvr

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I give thanks again during this Thanksgiving Holiday to all my friends.

Charmaine Gordon

Another Moment with Anthony Hopkins

Road to wellville ver1.jpgThe year is 1994. The scene in this odd movie about John Kellog, a man with an obsession regarding health. I , chosen not because of talent but the fact that I fit the requirements needed for the well known Broadway actress, Carole Shelley, same height and size. WOW! All the training and it came down to measurements. Good job, Charmaine. Back to the scene. John Kellog wanted to prove his stable was clean enough in which to serve a formal dinner. Are you ready, readers?

I, along with Anthony-call me Tony, Hopkins, Bridget Fonda and Mathew Broderick entered the stable filled with about sixteen horses, a long dinner table set up down the length, lit I slid over one seat by  lanterns, horses neighing, a string quartet warming up and we were dressed in black tie, gowns with long gloves. Elegant. And so damn funny I hid behind my fan to keep from laughing. Then silver trays were set out. Filet mignon, mushrooms, new potatoes, olives, salad and the assistant director kept calling, ” Don’t eat the props!” And that’s not all.

Ms. Shelley swept in , absolutely a star, I slid over one seat and the scene began.  Alan Parker, the director, began with a 5,4,3,2, Ms. Shelley said her lines. “Cut. This is not a play, Ms Shelley. Get the words out fast. No pregnant pauses. This is a movie. Take 2” After 10 takes and she still didn’t get it, Mr. Parker, apoplectic–face red, screamed, “Say the words fast.” I patted her hand. She took a deep breath, spit the words out and it was a Take. We dined, Ms. Shelley squeezed my hand. All in a days work.

Show business. What a sweet time.Charmaine Headshot for Author Central