Step 1-Moving On

Last week, Carly faced the loss of her husband and with the help of her best friends and her two big dogs, she began to make a plan and also she had posted a calendar on the wall to keep track of the days. They entered without knocking, footsteps clattered down the hallway where I waited but instead of rushing to set down their casseroles, her friends stopped and stared at the large calendar where she had printed A L D. Cindy said, “What’s A L D, Carly, I don’t understand what those letters stand for and I bet no one else does.” “After Larry Died,” I said and knew my best friends wouldn’t understand because I’m the one to who has to figure it out, make sense of no more Larry. “Don’t stare at me; don’t worry about me because somehow I’ll figure it out. Three pair of eyes fastened on me with a single minded purpose as I absently spooned beef stew on my plate without an appetite. Jana, our beautiful lawyer said,”Carly, we’ve come up with a plan to make widowhood bearable and we want you to listen right now because this will help you move on.” I thanked them all after listening to their ideas but I knew no one really understood; and soon my best friends left me alone to figure out what came next in my sad life but one thing I had to do so up to the bathroom I went and emptied all of Larry’s bottles of various meds plus his shaving cream, razor blades, deodorant, and anything no longer needed and then I pored everything into the big wastebasket and crazy me rushed outside in the cold night, dogs running after me, and on this freezing night I grabbed a shovel and dug a big hole as I cried and cried, the dogs ran around me and huddled when suddenly they ran to the back of our back yard where a shimmer appeared almost taking a form and they played and yipped. When they ran to me panting in joy, I said,” Did you have fun with the big guy and knew the next time he’d be with me.



Moving On

Last week, Carly faces losing her husband, Larry and the story moves on. Her Doctor shook his head;Larry had difficult breathing; we did everything possible to save him; I held him in my arms when he took his last breath. I asked him to have everyone to leave me alone; I held his cooling hand and asked the two words spoken many times during our years together. Now What; but this time I was on my own for the first time. My hands caressed his sweet face knowing he wasn’t there; only his shell lay on the bed; the essence, the beauty of his spirit had moved on and I let my gaze around the colorless room; the water glass half full, straw bent for easy access, home and homely and the saddest sight I’ve ever seen. When my fingers touched his wedding ring, I slipped it on, held it in my fist and clung to him; come back to me, dearest because I knew from past experience, loved ones always return.


What Happens Next:

It was 2:30 a.m. when the phone rang and I fumbled for it, my heart starting a race toward bad news. Our doctor’s voice urged me to hurry so I crammed into crammed into clothes as if I expected this call but actually I thought all would be well, or did I? After all it was only a fever that wouldn’t go down; only a fever yet the dogs had curled up next to him on his favorite couch and never left his side all week while his ruddy complexion had drained to gray. I cried all the way driving too fast and there I was on the slow elevator ride to the fourth floor, a sprint down the dim corridor to his room. He lay on the hospital bed where I’d kissed him goodbye not so many hours before when I’d said, “See you tomorrow.” My husband of thirty years replied with words I hadn’t heard in a long time “I love you.” Not since the heart attack two years before when he began listening to his heartbeat and forgot about me. Maybe we both sensed the crossroads ahead, the impending doom. http://www://wewriwa://.com

Something Wonderful is about to happen

Here comes Grans to check out what’s called The Doll House created by Cassidy Rae for her Grans. A while back, Dr. Burns talked about his uncle Ed, the man in the family no one wants to help. Half the town poured out of the Doll House, applauded and took turns to hug their favorite neighbor. Grans asked CR is this my new business? “Yes, my Grans ’cause you always talked about a haven for stray dogs and here it is, music and all. Come inside to meet someone special who is Dr. Burns uncle and his name is Ed. “Hmm, I always liked old fashioned names. C.R. pinched Maryn to say, “She’s a hoot. always up to mischief so watch this and the girls kept an eye on Grans as she sauntered over to where Doctor Burns drank coffee and she linked arms with a tall quiet man who appeared to be in another world.

Mrs. Brown, everyone is here to welcome you home and I’d like you to meet my Uncle Ed who is one of the best men ever. His uncle didn’t move or smile but Grans twinkled up at the tall man and said, “Ed, my name is Celia and I need you to hold my hand because I’m not too steady and I need your help. The quiet man blinked, reached out to hold her hand and slowly they walked away. Grans chattered, pointed to the stall where lost dogs gathered. “All these pooches need homes, Ed and I’d like to know where you live. Again he blinked and squeezed her hand. “Ouch, Ed, too tight for my small hand so try again. Ed frowned, gazed down at her small hand then shook his head as if to say no and Grans said,”Hey , my new friend, I’ll give you one more chance before I find another handsome gentleman here.” And she grinned to herself, having fun with the tall man.He listened , tried and his gesture showed he tried, a good sign in her book because a bit of pressure proved to be just right on her thin hand and the two elder folks walked closer to the dogs. “Don’t be afraid, just watch me, Ed as she put her hand right up to a small pooch. “This is a Maltese dog, I think he doesn’t shed and that’s a good thing and she opened the cage and right away, the pup was in her arms where she stroked him, loved the wet kisses and said, “Ed, pet the little pooch because he’s a sweetheart so don’t be afraid.” Tentatively , Ed held his veined hand out and touched the small pup. A smile came to his face as though he hadn’t smiled in a long time and from a distance, Dr. Burns held back tears. CR said to her best friend, do you see what I see? If anyone can come back to life, my Grans knows how to show the way.

“Good, Ed, Let’s put the little dog back in for a while because I smell chocolate cookies close by and walked to a table where it’s time for a treat; hand in hand they walked to the table with donuts, cookies and Iced Tea and she said, “I remember way back when you needed a kick in the pants and now you’ve grown up to be a good person. She hugged him and whispered, thanks a bunch, keep up the good work. Ed couldn’t help but give her gentle kiss on the cheek. Dr. Burns walked away with Uncle Ed to say goodbye. Grans hurried back to meet them before they left and she said, “Ed, I need you to do some part time work for me so show up about noon tomorrow; yes sir, you’ll be a handy, dandy sidekick for this old lady and then she turned away to carefully make her way home!

http://www:// wewriwa://com

The Doll House plus Grans

My friends, I made a big mistake writing about Gene not behaving. When I reread the script I realized Gene would never do the nasty so please forgive me and I’ll move on. This week Grans came home to a surprise. CR hurried to the hospital to bring her Grans home. When she arrives, she sees Grans carrying on with many of the men on her floor. They all hug her, even throw in kisses. “Lookin good, my Grans.” Maryn said, “Hey it’s me; are we having fun yet?” Grans says” You betcha, we’ll be right down. Please feed the dogs. Thanks.” “What dogs; oh you mean this cute pipsqueak playing with the Hunk? Way too cute.” Carefully, elegant Grans made her way down the stairs. She plunked down in her favorite chair and banged a spoon on the table. “Sorry, Grans, what’s your pleasure; panny cakes or maybe cereal with blueberries?” “How about both and make it snappy, pretty young’un. The word on the street is you have a serious beau, Gene Ralston-do Mom and Dad approve yet?” “You betcha, Grans so sit you down. We start with cold cereal and snappy blueberries.” Grans didn’t spill a drop. She leaned out the window and said,”What in tarnation is making so much noise? Me thinks strangers have invaded my property.” From a speaker, music played-We welcome you to Lolly Pop Land, to Lolly Pop land!” Http://www://wewriwa://.com

CR and friends continue with Project Grans

Last week Maryn and Gene danced, kissed and it looks like Romance has begun. Then when she wasn’t looking, Gene took advantage when Maryn wasn’t looking and grabbed her between her legs. She pushed him away as she warned him if he ever tried that again, he’d pay for it. His sorry’s meant nothing. He begged her to allow him to take her for breakfast the next morning and then he’d help her and her young brother and sister put up information on trees all over town to let everyone know about the plan to help Grans get a good start toward her health.

and away they went after parking. Gene called the local radio station and connected with local newspapers. He also contacted a few television stations and got approval wherever he called. A man with local power. Beaming, with the gang at work, Gene lifting the youngsters up to hold nails and a small hammer then do the same at the next post. Maryn, face glowing in the early sunshine, opened shop doors and made the pitch. No one turned her down and shop keepers signed up to help when Project Grans started. A truck pulled up, the logo for a big TV network . CR and Maryn are invited to talk about Project Grans.

Gordon, Charmaine. Project Grans . Vanilla Heart Publishing. Kindle Edition.


Cassidy Rae moves on with her besty

Gene walked back and forth watching for his date with Maryn. Always dating pretty women, he recalls the young girl from way back in high school. Her Dad was a big man in business building homes and fancy neighborhoods. He had his guys fill a bowl of flowers. And suddenly she appeared at the front door. He ran to open the heavy door up front and he kissed her. After he led her to a private table, they decided to dance. When the first dance ended, once again he kissed her. She gave him a warning to forget about romance. Too soon, she said. and they hurried back to their table.

One more spin around and they were lost in each other and the soulful music. When the music ended, they clapped hands and Gene bent to kiss her right there with patrons all around. Maryn whispered, “Gene, our dinner is ready, people are staring, and we’ve just met.” “Just one kiss, please. I need to taste your sweet lips.” She shook her head with a positive NO! “Maybe later if you behave.” She led the way to the secluded table toward the back where the waiter showed them the menu.

Gordon, Charmaine. Project Grans . Vanilla Heart Publishing. Kindle Edition.