6/28/15 WEWRIWA

Hi gang. Another Sunday and this one welcomes the month of July. Time do fly so let’s enjoy every moment.

This week I begin a WIP and I even have a title. Please let me know what you think. I so appreciate your comments. Some health issues have caused me to slow down. I’m not speeding through the way I usually do. Trying to fit a good story together as we all do. here goes. The Title is When Double becomes Single


The touch of her husband’s lips on hers warmed Sharon Michaels all the way home from the hospital. Remembering his whispered I love you before she left released a cascade of tears. She groped in her bag for a tissue, found none and used the sleeve of her good winter coat as a blotter. Mac would fix Barry. Their favorite doctor always knew the magical potion to apply. Even when Fred, their difficult teenager now in his thirties, started using marijuana and refused to stop, Mac knew what to do. Tough Love was the prescription. No driver’s license and other privileges allowed until he straightened out. So Barry’s bad cough should be easy, like the croup.

Just get home and go to sleep.

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And Then She Said. . .

A great moment in the life of our grandest happened this Saturday morning. After working hard for many months, she achieved her blue belt. Patiently, she paid attention, our seven year old athlete,and at the end of class, she reaped the reward.

On the way there, instead of wearing flip flops or sneakers, she selected high heeled sandals. Pretty spiffy and poised way to enter the dojo. What a gleeful way to end the morning but wait, there’s more. When we arrived at my home, she hurried to the basement where I have a few workout pieces of equipment. She called to me. “Grans, come on down. I challenge you to a workout. And so we took turns on the stationery bike and the ab machine. Man oh man, is she strong. I did keep up with her though.

Next came the pool on this seventy degree cloudy morning with rain threatening. On came the swim suit, hers not mine, as I coached her with different strokes across the pool. For thirty minutes she followed directions and then the two of us dried her up and changed into warmer clothes. Followed by an endless lunch and now she’s settled down with some old legos and blocks.

My heart is filled with love for this grandest of all granddaughters. She gave me her green belt, a memento for the years of driving and watching her grow. It doesn’t get much better for than this ,Grandmother,10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_nfolks.

A Moment with Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, and Carrie Fisher

Tragedy mixed with fun. What an odd time it was. On the day my husband died, I got a casting call to come in for a week on a new movie. I explained the situation. The sweet guy said he’d call and soon. A week later I had the gig. One whole week on a movie titled When Harry met Sally.

The scene was a wedding where Carrie weds her boyfriend. A big band played in the background. The guests wore dress clothes. I found  a green silk dress in my closet, gathered a few other nifty outfits and jewelry and headed to NYC early Monday morning crying all the way. Parked, mopped my face and walked up to the dark building now turning light. I signed in, met a few friends, hung up my clothes and waited. A serious Billy Crystal said hi and moved on. Carrie Fisher, adorable back then, fluttered around. Meg Ryan stuck to herself. The costume designer, Ann Roth, we’d met before on the set of Working Girl, approved my green dress. More waiting Sadness overwhelmed me. I held it in ’til the end of the day on the way home and then let go of tears. A flood of them.

The last day of the shoot, during the break, Carrie sang, her wonderful voice, “It Had To Be You,” and we all joined in. Smiles and dancing with Rob Reiner who had a pleased look on his face. Who knew the movie would be a huge success?

I thought about the chances we take in life. Belief all would be well. A cold, no biggie. Invest many bucks in a screenplay. It doesn’t click. This one became a serious hit. I’ve watched it many times over the years and I’ll never forget what came before and after, how my life changed in a flash.

Thanks for reading.

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6/21/15 WEWRIWA

Summer Solstice everyone. Longest day and then folks, it’s downhill.

Continuing with Spreading Her Wings one last time today. Last week Sally contacted Lance, the boss of the Rockland Cable Station who pays her big money fro every interview. She tells him about the new play at the Shubert that needs another backer and asks if he knows anyone. Of course, Lance knows everyone. When she gets home he calls to say get dressed, she’s coming with him to a fancy dinner with all the principles. She’ll be his associate as well as reporter. A note left for Steve, her husband, and soon she’s ready to go.

“We have a meeting with a few possible backers I know, so finish the champagne, you look very beautiful tonight, Sally. Also we’re having dinner with some wealthy people at a fine restaurant.” “With the nice compliment and promise of dinner, I’m delighted to be your guest, Mr. Jordan.”

The BMW rolled up in front of Patsy’s, a top celebrities’ favorite restaurant.
“Whoa, Lance, you really know how to treat a woman, am I dressed for the occasion?”
He gave her that slick up and down all around penetrating gaze. “There’s something about you, Sally, that no matter what you wear, say or do, even though you’re married and a tad older than I am, I can’t stop thinking of you so yes, you’re perfect. “ He tucked her hand in his. “Let’s see what we can accomplish in the elite paradise.”
As they sauntered in, Lance whispered, “Be yourself and everyone will love you but not as much as I do, of course.”

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Spreading Her Wings
Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

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A Moment With Michael Douglas. . .

So unapproachable on the last day of shooting Fatal Attraction, do you remember that movie?,but you know me by now, they say don’t talk to the stars and I do anyway.Half day job in a bowling alley. In the movie it’s a split screen with Glen Close crying as she listens to the opera and he’s blowing with his wife and friends. . .and me. Mr. Douglas is a super bowler, the pins flew. During the break I walked over and told him I loved one of his movies Running. Not a big hit but an emotional film. He thanked me with a big hug, shook his head and commented that he never understood why it wasn’t a hit. We spoke briefly about the business.

The exceptional actor, son of Kirk Douglas, appeared to be so vulnerable for just a moment,guard down. A bit of kindness from a stranger brought that out.

“Places” called the director, the bowling and happy atmosphere came to life. And then work came to an end, a terrific movie ready to be tweaked and sent to theaters all over. Since it was the last day of shooting, a cake was wheeled out on a huge tray. Tension ebbed, laughter took over.

End of story so that’s all, folks. One thing to keep in mind, kindness to strangers opens up friendship and your heart. Be well. Life’s short. Enjoy every moment.


6/14/15 WEWRIWA

Welcome to the best blog hop in town where writers post 8-t0 sentences in a snippet and are bombarded with sincere constructive critique. Yes, you heard me, folks, because we all want to help each other improve our writing. So here goes.

Lat week in my story Spreading Her Wings, a family problem is resolved. Wealthy father realizes daughter has plans of her own and agrees to respect her ideas. Ah fiction. Don’t you love it!Intrepid reporter Sally Kirkwood calls her lecherous boss on the way back to River’s Edge. She has an idea for a story to use on his cable television station. Little does she know he still has a thing for her.


Lance Jordan, the smooth talker picked up, his sensual voice reminding her of last spring when they almost got involved and she said no.
“Are you ready to say yes?”
“Let’s talk business, boss, because I just witnessed quite a scene at the Shubert Theatre with a major backer for the new production, his daughter, and the producer with threats and just about everything.I learned that Johnny Epstein’s the producer and he needs a major backer or a conglomerate interested in investing in the show so he’s not beholden to this other backer with the kid.”
“ I’ll call my connections and get back to you, now what’s your angle on an interview?”
“I’m thinking about what goes on backstage, how it hurts the talented kids when a backer pushes a girlfriend or someone close with no talent into the lead.
“And the name of the play is. . .”
“Damned if I know.”

The voice of Lance Jordan could be heard saying, “Damned if I Know is a terrible name for a play.”

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Spreading Her Wings
Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

Also Available as Singles for all Ebook reading devices!

And Then She Said. . .

Grandest and I rushed off to gymnastics last week. In her bag lay a new bright blue top with many straps, very stylish. I picked her up at an after school program, dragged, nagged her to run to my car and zoomed away. “Uh Grans. I’m changing and I didn’t get to buckle up yet so pull over and stop.”

This from the seven year old mouth of my girl who knows , apparently way more than her Grans. So I did as told. She changed, advised me to drive on and we got there just in time.

Watching through the window, I saw the coach adjust the straps of her new top. It comes to this, I thought. The once competent woman can no longer even fix the straps right. Geez. Later, watching through the window as allowed and tired from writing, I saw an older girl helping her with a move on the trampoline. How nice, I thought.

On the way home grandest told me about the older girl who showed her some moves. And then she said. . .”Speaking of OLD, Grans” . . .and we cracked up over the inference of my age.

This conversation resulted in me explaining age is good and important and as much fun as the two of us have, we should be grateful I’m here. My own Mom didn’t last past age 50 and Bud, my first hubs, died at 58. “So,” I said, “Don’t be embarrassed to tell my age to your friends.”

Many hugs and kisses and then we played kick ball until daughter came home.65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nA grandparents love and responsibility to teach and love