Young at Heart

(Continuing from last week; the couple are outside having a chat, don’t ya know)

Just then a gust of wind caught my coat and almost knocked me over. Strong arms kept me from taking a fall, my worst fear; and oh the feeling of those arms. His warmth came through his jacket and toasted me down to my toes.

“Thanks for saving me from another hip replacement, Mr. uh Brody.”

“And you saved me from another knee operation.”

“So why didn’t you speak with me where it’s warm inside?”

His handsome weathered face, ruddy with the wind, turned a deeper red. “I turned me hearing aids off when I saw you next to me because I knew I’d need all my powers to concentrate and not think about you.”

He smiled and said, “Hot lunch,is it? and beckoned to someone I didn’t see and a limousine pulled over.

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Young At Heart

I’ve tried, God knows I’ve tried all my tricks to get his attention and today might be my last chance.

This guy, the saddest looking Irish face I’d seen since  I had to pick one out of a line-up, kept to himself, never speaking to anyone except the therapist we shared. I wanted to share more with this stand-offish private guy. Something about him appealed to me.Through the huge windows, I watched the February weather change from fluffy white clouds to gray to skitter across the sky chased by a strong wind blowing from East to West over  the Hudson River. As I neared my car, a male voice heavy with an Irish brogue, called out saying, “Miss Campbell, wait up, an old man needs your help, don’t you know.”

“Old man indeed, what does that make me?”

“A tasty treat, indeed, I declare.”

Since when did I speak with an Irish brogue, I wondered.

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The Beginning. . .Not The End

Head spinning,I tried to focus.Are we out of control or what; a grandma and a grandpa kissing passionately so what’s the big deal?Yeah like some erotic story tale, uh story. I pictured the book cover: Ralph stripped to the waist, showing what’s left of his muscles, gray hair sprouting here and there on his chest and me the heroine,flabby under arms dangling. Title:Still Hot After All Their Years; Best Seller,:Movie Deal

My practical mind took over. “So you paid for O”Briens and haven’t slept there once.

Ralph rolled over and sighed. “A private moment and you bring up real estate.; where did I go right?

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A Different Time and Place

Geraldine Ferarro was the first woman to run for vice president in the United States. The man running for president was Walter Mondale. This was back in 1984 in Boston. He said about his running mate, “she was a scrappy campaigner and a gutsy pioneer.” At that time, my family and I had moved to New York and I was a small fish in a big pond. I received a call from a special agent who knew about me and asked if I would play the part of someone important in a commercial. Big secret. I had to be at the studio for a Pepsi Light commercial early in the morning. “Okay,”I said.  And there I was at five in the a.m. , dark one morning with limousines all around and Secret Service Men in the shadows watching over Geraldine Ferrarro and her two grown daughters. My job was to wear her clothes because she was a bit full in the legs. So when the time came, my time, I wore her ring and watch and kissed and hugged her girls. Their response was, “Mom never hugged us so well.”

What a day into night we spent shooting. They made big bucks and I made minimum because I was just a newbie. But I did get my union card and that was the big deal for me. After that I made my insurance every time. What a joy and that was a start, my first start in show biz.

Here’s what happened to her as good as she was. Her husband had a bad reputation regarding making money and that spoiled her reputation. The end of her big political possibilities.

As for me, it was my beginning. I got job after job and never saw the agent again.

The Beginning. . .Not The End

In the moonlit night I walked down to the shore’s edge, my heart splintering with every step. I pried open the urn and let his ashes drift with the wind out to the ocean. Sobbing, I walked along the empty beach front until the urn emptied. When it felt too light to even contain a feather, I hurled it into the ocean we loved so much until the urn disappeared.

Slow and steady, I closed the distance to the home we’d shared so many years where now another man and his grandchildren slept,  my mind as empty as the urn.

Ralph met me at the slider doors and I fell into his arms and cried; cried for my loss and what I’d just done. I staggered to my bed, dusted off my sandy feet and stifled sobs.

The bedroom door creaked open; Ralph appeared and said “Claire, I’m here for you so don’t be afraid.”

Too emotionally drained and too tired to say get the hell out, I closed my eyes and slept.

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Gene Wilder-a friend. I will miss him

It was a night shoot at a big book store, Brentano’s on Fifth Avenue in New York. To my surprise, there was Gene Wilder holding a copy of Gilda Radner’s book, It’s Always Something. She died of ovarian cancer after a long illness. They loved each other, those two., a beautiful couple. I told him my husband had died recently and how much we enjoyed his work and Saturday Night Live where Gilda Radner was a major star.

Leonard Nimoy directed this film, Funny About Love, riding around on a funny bike on tracks with a camera. Very interesting. In fact the entire evening turned out to be fascinating  and ever after, whenever I was at One Life to Live, taking a walk during lunch, I’d see Gene Wilder and we would hug and wave HI!

You never know who you bump into but this was special. Thanks for listening, folks. It’s a sad day but somewhere, he’s cracking jokes and having fun.

The search for Betty White’s voice

The word was out to everyone but me. They needed Betty White’s voice for a commercial. To my total surprise, I received a call from an agency. “You have the part, my dear. It’s a voice- over and after that there will be a fun job as Golden Girls. Not the real Gold Girls but a commercial of a nutricious drink the women used. And I was to play the funny Betty White.

We were picked up in a limousine, the four of us, as we rehearsed and carried on. The driver took us way down to New Jersey somewhere. I wore a tight white cap, something like George Washington and we began. After a few hours, we finished and got the ride home. The women kept talking about me sounding like Betty White. I was tired and didn’t listen. The next day I got the special call about a voice-over. Big bucks both days, Yippee!

Show Biz folks. You never know which way the money drops.


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