Part 2:Grand Daughter Grows Up

CR grabbed Grans tea from the refrigerator and ran, blond hair flying in the breeze as she prayed Grans had many years to go. A wailing siren came from the road. Another wail came from under the Oak tree. Tommy licked Grans face. Her green eyes were closed. “Don’t you dare leave me, hear? I lost my mom and you raised me since I was a munchkin, just you and me and then your beau showed up and you married. Did I tell you I met a nifty doctor? Well, I did and you’re going to meet him, yes, you will.”

            The para-medics hurried, a gurney in hand. “Tell your dog to stand down, thanks. Hey,we remember you as a little kid and here you are all grown-up.” They examined the injured elderly woman and lifted her carefully. “She’s breathing. Put your dog inside and follow us.”

            “You better wait for me. I’m coming with you. Get her into the room where a doctor will see her right away.” CR raced the big pooch inside, turned off the range and hopped on the truck to watch over the most important person in her world.

               “Doctor Westerly’s on duty today, he’s a good man.”

             “He better be. My gran needs attention now.” She looked up to see the son of the para medics.”You’re Jimmy. We went to school together.”

             “Cassidy Rae, I won’t let you down ‘cause I’m not leaving ‘til we know what’s happening with your Grans.”

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Grand Daughter Grows Up

A Grand Daughter Grows up by Charmaine Gordon

          “Granny, I’m home!” Cassidy Rae called her favorite person in the world. No reply. She sniffed delicious aromas coming from the big kitchen and ran. “Grans, where are you?” Hmm, she thought, the old house was quiet, like way too quiet. Barking came from the back yard. CR’s long legs ran toward the direction of the sound. A big white and brown pit bull collided with the young woman. “Tommy Boy, where’s Granny?” His strong paws headed down the path, turned back as if to say “follow me” and heart pounding, CR followed the dog she grew up with.


           Under the old Oak tree, arms outstretched, her Gran moaned and whispered, “It’s about time you got here, my girl cause it’s my darn ankle; got twisted when I wasn’t looking just because I was searching for apples for my sweetie. He loves apple pie for supper and now. . .”CR saw tears drip down her dear cheeks.

           “I’ll get my old sled from the shed so don’t move, Grans, cause I know what I’m doing and Tommy will watch you while I take care.” She kissed her best dear one so gently, patted her wet cheeks and ran calling over her shoulder, “I’m almost finished with medical school, thanks to you.”  She dialed 911 as she ran. This is CR Malone down the road with Granny Marcus, so please hurry because she fell near the big Oak in the back. I sense we have complications here. She’s talking about her husband but he’s long gone, dear man. Hurry. Yes. I’m in Medical School, almost finished. The flag will be on the mailbox. Thanks.”

And a story begins, my friends.



The pup belonged to Brian, not her. She had no dog, no child, no husband. Just a good job with no real warm life. All the way up the elevator, Meredith blotted tears of loss she tried to hide them but it was hard to do. When Brian opened the door, he could see the change in her and he guided her to the couch, removed her jacket and hung it up. “Brian, I’m sorry, my problems are not yours. I’ve been on my own forever and worked my way up step by step up the ladder until John Albright took me into his office and made me someone.”

Meredith, is that good enough for you? I’ve seen how crazy you are about Lulu and maybe you want a baby. I’ve always wanted children and that’s why I got Lulu.But I need someone to take her to the important work expected of her and I can;t.We would make a terrific pair so first let’s talk.and get that out of the way. Meredith said, “you are as take charge as I am and if, and this is a big if, we do get together, I have a job I’ve worked for all my life and I won’t walk away from it. She noticed Brian was deep in thought.”Okay, we talk for today and enjoy Lulu; by the way did you notice she managed to snuggle close between us? Is that a sign or did you pay her? He grinned and continued with his thoughts of a future for them. “Invitro fertilization is a major option. One of my clients has a thriving business with very good results and you’re just the right age-about fifty, right? May I kiss you, dear one? I’ve been wanting to all day.”

They kissed about a hundred times and then ordered pizza. His kisses were sweet, just right for her. That night they slept together in his big bedroom with room enough for Lulu who looked very wise as they fell asleep.


Dear friends, this is kind of long but I couldn’t stop. Forgive this writer with pnemonia. It’s always something!

Lulu Takes Over

Hi gang, here we are again. The doorman said as he greeted the pup, “Well Hello, Snuffy. Third floor for Mr. Breen. Take care of him.” Meredith nodded and they rode up to the third floor. A man holding a cane, wearing a robe, needed help. “Sir, Mr.Breen, I brought you dinner and a pup.”

“Of course I’m excited to see you and you and her for that matter. This hasn’t been my best time. You’re so kind to bring all of this Christmas to me. Dinner was perfect and after showing Mr. Breen how to loosen his hip, she took Lulu , wearing little boots and a warm jacket, out for one more hit the on the big tree. Here is where I wrote about last week with Meredith asleep on one of his beds and then Mr. Breen has the expensive shop in the building, sends up warm clothes for Meredith.

The next morning, Meredith woke to see warm clothes on the bed. She took lulu after dressing her in a warm jacket and cute boots. This kindness was too much and she cried and couldn’t stop. In the house, Brian patted her back. “I can’t accept clothes from you, Brian. I’ve worked all my life and still do. She washed yesterdays dishes when suddenly she felt his breath on her cheek.

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Meet Lulu

The big party was moving along, dancing, dining and caring on so Meredith decided she would fix a platter of goodies and take Lulu to her real owner, the right thing to do. His address was in a fancy part of town. The driver helped her carry the platter when snow began to fall. A well-dressed doorman recognized Lulu and warned her to be kind to the man when she gets to his apartment because he was recuperating from surgery. Always pleasant and knowing she had to give Lulu to the owner, Meredith did the right thing and when the man opened the door, her tears flowing, she explained finding Lulu in the snow and now the pup really belonged to him. He was surprised and happy, taken with her sweetness, and insisted she had dinner with him. She even showed him how to excercise his hip as Lulu climbed into the dog bed and fell asleep. After a while, he noticed Meredith was tired and suggested she take a nap. Exhausted from the hectic day, she climbed on the big bed and slept. The nice man watched her as she slept and called the fancy shop downstairs, ordered some warm clothes for his interesting guest.

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More with Lulu and a surprise

Last week, Meredith took charge in getting the Christmas Party ready. Lulu sniffed around the kitchen and got a good brushing and suddenly she jumped onto one of the assistants from downstairs and snuggled under her chin. All the helpers gasped and when Meredith asked what the problem was, someone said the woman was recovering from Cancer. Then Meredith understood once again that Lulu was a special pup she had to keep her one way or the other. She hurried down the elevator for one last Lulu try at her tree. “What a day it had been, what a rare mood she was in, why it was almost like being in love. She hummed the old song, crossed her fingers for good luck when the door burst open. In walked a beaming John Albright, a lovely woman on his arm. “Oh my, she thought. My plan for the boss worked. Now if one works for me, I’ll be thrilled on this Christmas Eve.

“Welcome, everyone and thanks to Meredith for decorating and pulling our party together. Meet my friend, Luellen. I’ve found her and we’re together again after a long time.” They walked away, hand in hand like the lovebirds they once were.


More action with Lulu

Meredith carried Lulu to a Pet shop where she bought Lulu a new leash, booties to keep Lulu warm, dog chow and two bowls for a yum feast. To heck with a man; She’d be happy with a pup. Back in the office, Lulu made a beeline for the boss and snuggled under his chin and then she danced the cutest dance for him.

The day flew by with both of them busy in different ways. Suddenly Meredith cried out! “I’ve found your lady! She’s right here in New York at a fancy address. She’s a widow with children and still works in the banking business on Wall Street!! John sauntered over as if this news had little importance to him. Meredith grinned inside and handed him a full dossier on his lost love. “Well boss, I sure wish I had someone to surprise.” She gathered the pup and off they went to the party room because the pup needed decorations and so did the tree. She left her jacket in the closet and swung around in her black dress. John called out, “Just a minute, missy. What are you wearing!” “This is just a black dress, thank you.” “Wow, you look beautiful dressed like that. I never dreamed you were so lovely.” Meredith said, “Thank you.” And she hurried to the Christmas room where the caterer was busy with platters of everything tasty and Meredith set Lulu down under the tree where her adorable pup danced and entertained everyone and the party began. Https;//www//wewriwa//