And Then SHe Said. . .

I thought I was “doing pretty good for an old lady” and then she said “Granny, grab your wrist, make a figure eight and touch your hip. Good. Again. Now change sides.” Forty five minutes of P90 every day. I can’t do the ‘sprawl’ but I do my version of one. And as for fast feet. UH huh.  I give it a try. The best fun is the little boss barking out orders. When I thank her, she beams with pride. “It’s okay, Grans.”

On the drive to Karate a couple of days ago, she asked me about my latest book. “What’s it about? “You’re in it, my girl.”

“Of course, I am.”

The joy of a granddaughter.


65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nThe first book with my grandest as a major character.

When the CEO of a major Construction Company claims a part of Celia
Brown’s property, he has no idea what he’s up against. The elderly
widow and her six year old granddaughter prepare for battle. River’s
Edge, the town that believes in kindness to strangers, jumps into the
fray. Add romance, kids, and pride to the mix; there are lessons to
be learned in Breaking New Ground.

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A Moment with Leonard Nimoy. . .

The year was 1990. The scene was shot in the famous large book store of Fifth Avenue in NYC. Gene Wilder had time to look at Gilda Radner’s book, “It’s always Something.” We stood close together as the Director, the famous Leonard Nimoy rode back and forth on a small track using a hand held camera. The technicians were star struck watching the thin intense man. I spoke softly to Gene Wilder. We both had suffered a loss recently: me of my beloved husband and Gene’s Gilda, the well known comedian of Saturday Night Live, died of cancer. Tears fell until cameras were ready. What a day. Afterward we hugged and moved on. I shook hands with Mr. Nimoy and told him it was a pleasure watching him work. The movie was Funny About Love.

Still of Leonard Nimoy and Gene Wilder in Funny About Love (1990)The two men standing outside during a break.

3/1/15 WEWRIWA

YIPPEE! We’re getting closer, folks. I never dreamed a month could be so bitter and confining. Yuck. But we are survivors to live again and greet the sun.

I continue with my nameless WIP, poor baby. Chip sent a shout out for one possibility and I’m considering it. Come on , folks. Maybe this week’s eight will stimulate an idea from a group filled with just the right title.

Last week , Chapter one introduced you to James Chandler in the hospital, bloodied panties on his head from a fall on the platform bed. Dangerous after making love in the dark when she says no and cries.

excerpt in eight:

Two a.m. the ambulance sirens shut down and stopped at the Emergency entrance to the River’s Edge Hospital. Anna followed the EMT’s into the hospital when a guard tried to stop her by saying,” are you related?”
“Well, almost, we’re engaged;” antiseptic smells bombarded her senses as Anna followed the gurney down the narrow emergency area to where a doctor slumped against the wall. She ran to him, touched his white coat, “Doctor, my fiancé fell, hit his head against the platform of his bed and he’s unconscious so please hurry.”
Squinting his eyes at her, he nodded.and she marveled at the way he shook his head as if to clear cobwebs of exhaustion and come awake. “An educated guess is concussion but first an MRI so wait here because someone will be asking for his insurance card and personal information.”
Alone in the curtained cubicle, Anna prayed to all the Gods she knew; “please keep James Chandler safe and healthy; we have plans for a life together, dear Father. I said no because I wanted to think of what to do about my dear tribal  people who will hate me if I marry someone without making amends.” She laid down on the cot where the doctor had examined her Jimmy and dozed off.

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And Then She Said. . .

Daughter has P90. For those of you who don’t know what it is, we’re talking terrific exercise DVD’s. SO she finished with the first one weeks ago and I asked if I could take it home. :”Go Granny.” you can do it.

With a hip replacement, both shoulders had rotator surgery-YIKES and one knee surgery, the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. No gray, folks. Roots taken care of by Dale at Pepe Ramon in New City, NY every three weeks so I’m a natural blond/brown.

But I couldn’t get the darn program to go where I wanted it to go so I asked, guess who? She’s seven, my grandest. A careful examination of the remote and she pointed to a circle with arrows pointing north, south, east and west. No biggie. And badabing, the first program appeared. She watched to see I did every move right and if it wasn’t perfect, her face was stern and she showed me what’s what. What a dynamite kid, so like her mom. And the rest of the day, taking care of her needs at home before she went to her various activities, this old lady could barely move. I’ll keep it up on a daily basis until my girlish figure returns.

This reminds me of a book I wrote, Starting Over after surgery.  I had uncomfortable time to write. One of my first Survive and thrive stories, here’s a blurb from the book.

Starting Over    

Each morning, Emily Kendrick runs on the hard-packed sand of St. Augustine Beach to clear her mind and heal her heart. From the widow’s walk of the house perched high on the dunes, a man trains his binoculars on Emily…

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All That Glitters is Not Always Gold-The Oscars and me

I don’t know if anyone pays attention to the commercials during the Oscars but I do. Why? Because some years back, I was cast in a JCPenney commercial to be aired during the Oscars. Oh yes. It was titled First date. I was the ticket manager in a movie theater where a couple meets for the first time. She’s dressed in her nifty JCPenney outfit and he ‘s delighted to meet her. He comes to my window to buy two tickets. Got it so far, folks? No biggie, right.  So he asks me something and I interact-the key word here-by handing him the tickets, taking his money and smiling.

My paycheck arrives. It’s a regular check for the work with nothing added. Then a few months later, I see it on the Oscars. Wait a darn minute. I should get extra bucks for ‘interaction’ with the lead. So I called the union. Don’t you know, the next time I saw the commercial, they had CUT the close-up of the lead guy with me to save a few bucks.

Last night as I watched the Oscars, it all came back to me. I’m an author now of nineteen books, # twenty on the way and those days are long past. Suddenly JCPenney and all their commercials are right in front of me and I recall the frustration of me-the small fish in a big pond-fighting for my rights.

Oh well, I’ve never shopped there before and never will.

Show business; There’s nothing like it.


2/22/15 WEWRIWA

Not one post this week due to a cold thingy. Spring, are you coming soon? And here we are at our fave day, Sunday at Weekend Warrior Writers where we write eight sentences and terrific people with experience jump in to give constructive critique.

Several of the frosty days were spent dancing hot and wild with my grandest who, after watching me, commented, “You’re not bad for an old lady.” Are we having fun or what? You bet we are.

Today I begin a WIP-one without a title and I need HELP! This is another in the River’s Edge Series-Book 4. A fictional year has gone by, James Chandler, the vilified CEO is now back in good graces with River’s Edge and he and Anna Youngblood are a couple. Let’s call them lovers.

Excerpt in eight:

Moonlight shone through shutters in the elegant bedroom waking sleeping James Chandler as he reached for the woman who was supposed to be next to him.

She stood statue still, naked and slim this lovely young woman he’d made love with a short time ago, silky black hair cascaded down her shoulders and back; “Anna, come to me.”
“No, Jimmy. I can’t,” and she pulled on her short skirt, sweater, searched for panties not to be found and cried.

James Chandler, CEO of a huge Construction company stumbled out of bed, caught his foot in the sheets and sprawled forward, head bleeding from hitting the platform on the bed.
“You’re hurt. Stay still while I find a cloth and uh, stuff. “
His hands groped through the thick pile in the carpet, came up with her panties and grinning, he plopped them over his head.

When Anna returned with peroxide, washcloth and Bacitracin, she found her lover slumped over on the wooden platform with her best white silk undies on his head stained with blood.
“Jimmy, speak to me,” no answer so she listened to his heart, breath, pulse and everything she knew before calling 911.

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2/15/15 WEWRIWA

Hi everyone. Thank you all who remembered my 84th birthday Friday the 13th. 84 and I want more. Son Paul Skyped twice from Denmark to sing Happy Birthday with step son , handsome young man, and lovely wife Eva plus a guest, a former New Yorker who lives in Copenhagen and teaches law. Hmm. His teaching  dance career is beginning to blossom. Eva is a talented artist. What an extraordinary couple.

And we are trapped in a freeze-what they call a wintry mix-that hasn’t been seen in years. But Spring is on the way and Grandest is my coach working my old bones. There’s hope.

Last week, my eight had Beth in compromising positions with the younger man, pool guy, Maverick. She wakes the next morning to smell a combination of coffee and chlorinated water and  wonders where she is. Steam curled from the
coffee mug on the floor right next to her. Naked, an over-sized beach towel tucked under her chin, she stretched out on the cushion Maverick threw on the floor before last night really got interesting.

excerpt in eight:

“Would you mind if I took some pictures?” Maverick’s deep voice echoed across the water and In one swift motion, Beth covered her head with the towel.
Pictures of rumpled-Beth-skin? Not on your life or mine, lover; “to remember me by or  can’t I autograph something instead?” 
Boot steps retreated,she peeked from under the towel, he was photographing the pool structure, plants and his question was rhetorical while she was talking to herself. Wrapped in the towel, Beth made a dash for
the door calling “If you’re hungry, I’m scrambling eggs.”
By the time Maverick sauntered in, Beth had scrambled more than eggs; the fastest transformation in her history left the
energetic woman radiant, flushed with afterglow and full of creative ideas. What next for the future was on her mind and it did include the not-as-young-as-she-thought-he-was man who entered her more than once last night and was about to enter her home as if he belonged here.

Mopping crumbs from his mouth, Maverick finished the last drink from the coffee mug,”I decided, with your okay, to make a photographic display of the enclosure because actually, last night I stopped by to tell you about this and. . .” he paused, the slow crooked smart-ass grin took on special meaning,” Mr. Big Bucks wants to see it and this would be great for my business.”
Beth stiffened her jaw, thought he said business so keep it business and with a straight face, Beth said, “It was my baby from the beginning so what’s in it for me?”

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