A thought about Grandparents

In 1964, does anyone out there recall such a year?, a play titled The Fantasticks opened off Broadway. One song went kind of like this: “Be kind to your parents though they don’t deserve it. . .”

I say: “Be kind to your grandparents-They do deserve it–You see, dear children, age is difficult time of life. We’re apt to be nervous and over excited, forgetting your name causes strife. So keep in mind, though it seems hard I know, one day you will wake up and be a grandparent, too.

Time for this grandmother to tap dance her way to the kitchen where the meds are kept. Yup. That’s what’s ahead for all you munchkins out there so don’t fall down and be sure to love the ones who love you.

My best to all of you,

With love,

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We were tennis partners back then. She had one serious forehand. As for me, I was the strategist and we won and won. Unbeatable for the longest time. Her children were young and mine were big. Nineteen years difference in age are we and laughter always was the key to our success. Mischief like kids. What a time we had for years. Bonded.

We are still loving pals. I cannot begin to express the caring that remains. Of course, the years have seen changes in both of us yet the laughter, the memories surround us in a halo of joy be it on the phone or a visit.

Are you blessed with a friendship such as the one I’ve shared with you? It’s rare so hang on and don’t let go. Do not forget your friend, your relative. Remember how precious he or she is. Keep the love close to your heart.

My best thoughts to all of you.

Love from Charmaine

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Young at Heart

When last seen, Collin had raced out of the River Club to seek his lost love and with his man Edgar, off they went in a futile attempt. Collin kept rebuking himself, knowing he was selfish talking about himself instead of asking  for her phone number and now he didn’t have a clue as to where she lived. All through the night went the concierge carrying phone books from all over the greater New York area to his door.


Exhausted, smock stiff with paint, I shook my head, cried “What’s wrong with me? to the silent studio and even Kizzy barked as if he too acknowledged something was off. Even the illustration I drew looked like Collin, even the talking rabbits. The illustration for Lady Be Bad might work since the shaggy silver hair hid his face and the woman’s face couldn’t be seen because she pressed against him under his chin. I ached with longing gazing at the picture so different from other erotic book covers and it reeked of sex in a subtle way.I stepped back careful not to trip, aware of  heat in my body like a cold furnace coming to life.

Oh Joyce, you are in deep trouble.

Time for bath and bed as I winced with relief when holding the rail, I stepped carefully into the claw footed tub. Years of taking for granted every day movements ended with hip replacement so forget walking with ease, running when I wanted to. . .blah, blah, whine, whine.I’m alive, in my early seventies and temporarily heartbroken. Ever hopeful, I thought maybe at this moment the rude Irisher was trying to locate me.

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The Big Screen

Just when I believed my acting career was over due to spasmodic dysphonia taking my voice away, son Paul, who lives in Denmark with the lovely wife Eva, came to visit. He is a performer, a dance teacher and a swell guy.

Eva stayed in NYC due to a cold while Paul boarded a bus to Pearl River. A man of action, he cleaned up the basement, the garage, and mowed the lawn. Then he put an arm around me. “I have a script for my next show and you, mother, will have a part.”

A script? I haven’t acted in a bunch of years but the show must go on.

“Of course.” I snatched the papers, glasses perched on my nose, and I read as he explained. We went over and over the short part. He plays twin brothers and I play the mother. I can do that! After several ‘takes’ we finished. Here comes the screen part. Are you ready?

“This will be projected on to a large screen in my next one man show in Copenhagen,” Paul said.

I held out my hand. “Union wages, please.” He made my day, my month, my year! and years to come. What a kid.


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Young at Heart

Continued from last week when Collin Brody, wealthy possible new friend had invited Joyce Campbell, illustrator of children’s smash hit book , Super  Bunny and the Lost Cell Phone-eighth book in the series. To make extra money, Joyce began illustrating for erotica publishers. Chloe Long is the name Joyce uses for the erotica world. The latest book she’s illustrating for is titled Lady Be Bad. Collin’s daughter Karen is rude, doesn’t pay attention to Joyce so she leaves, calls for a cab and gets to her old car to drive home. Sad, so sad that she doesn’t belong in his world of wealth.

Collin Brody looked around to see the chair occupied by his charming companion a few minutes before was empty.

“Joyce who?” said daughter Karen busy ordering lunch didn’t look at her father.

The twins said in unison, “Gone Grumpy, the nice lady is gone.”

“When did she leave and why,we were having a good time.”

Mary Jane whispered in his ear, “Grumpy, you didn’t pay ‘tention to her and girls feel bad when boys do stuff like that.”

“Even old boys like you, Grumpy,” her twin said.

Nodding he pulled out his cell phone and called Edgar, “Did you see Mrs. Campbell leave?”


“How did she look?”


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Young at Heart

The limousine drove us to the River Club in Haverstraw where we were seated by the window watching waves beat against rocks as a storm brewed. Me dressed in sweats from rehab and my companion is treated like royalty in this fancy place. Before I unfolded  my cloth napkin, steaming noodle soup appeared like magic.

“Do you enjoy games then?” his blue eyes twinkled with mischief, “like Getting to Know You game.” “You see, I spotted you across a crowded room.”

“We’ve wasted all this time checking each other out when we could have been, I  don’t know, uh, going to the movies or. . .”

“Cuddling up by the fire.”

I laughed almost choking on the noodles gone cold.

A commotion disturbed the peaceful dining room as twin girl raced toward our table calling, “Grumpy, Grumpy.”

His daughter Karen stalked toward the table ignoring me despite Collin’s introduction.

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Saturday Night Live-a surprise

The call was for me to meet a bus for a shoot. Saturday Night Live needed this actor to play a nurse. I can do that and it sounded like fun. Little did I know the hazzards that lie ahead. The person in charge was very intense and when we arrived at the studio, I could see why. There sat Robin Williams with his agent. Usually me, the friendly one, greets the star but I had a feeling he was way too self involved for a hello.

The set-up. His “wife” is having a baby and he wants to take a video of the scene. Okay, I thought. I’m in for it. The camera woman lay on a table, spread legs showed the camera. Yikes, I thought. That must hurt. I did my nurse stuff and watched the scene. Robin used his own dialogue completely ignoring the funny script written for him. The script writer was tearing his hair out. Oh yeah! and then came the birth. The doctor pulled out a doll baby. I knew it was wrong. No skim on the baby that always needs to be washed off. Someone called to me, the expert with the big family. I suggested cottage cheese since they were in a hurry. No extra pay for the cheese idea. Hmm. I should have reported that to my union.

At one point, The Star came near to me. I had a moment and told him a great joke. He didn’t blink or thank me. Two minutes later he used the joke, My joke, on camera and had his adoring audience laughing. Of course. Oh well. That’s show biz and I was just a small fish in a big pond.

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Love to all on this grey rainy Friday. Step by step I’m improving.