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A young woman sitting in a cafe looking sadly into her purse

Chef’s Surprise

Charmaine Gordon

One night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash. With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan. Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder. There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.


Chef’s Surprise Sneak Peek Video


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Betty White is 95!! Happy Birthday!

Too many years have passed since I was the go-to actor wth the voice that sounded like Betty White in the entire Metropolitan New York Area. The calls came in requesting me for commercials and what was called voice-overs in the business because of my unique talent.

It came to life during an audition for a commercial for a nutritious drink. The producers wanted it to be similar to the popular television show, The Golden Girls. Right away I was cast as the part Betty White played. In the limousine, on the way to the shoot, one of the experienced actors who was to play the sarcastic daughter commented that I really sounded like Betty White. Then she said, “No one I know has a voice like yours.” I cringed. Good or bad, I had no clue being the newbie in the limo. It turned out to be a gift, a bonanza for me and boosted my career.

Welcome to another different portion of my life during what I called my SWEET Time. Just show business with all the odd ways I became accustomed to in a hurry.

And now Ms. White is ninety-five years old and still wonderful with her sweet smile and contagious sense of humor. I feel as though I’m like her younger sister in many ways. I keep smiling and it’s been told, I can light up a room. My birthday is February 13th. Let’s celebrate together.560297_10151206425011203_1440242168_n

See, folks? You never know so just keep on doing what you’re doing and good things may blossom.


Grandest at one year old.

Almost eight years have flown by since this sweet picture was taken.”Smile,” said daughter,  click went the camera. In February, we will both move up. Grandest will be nine years old and I, how did this happen, will be 86. That is downright ridiculous ’cause this woman still shakes her booty while dancing with a cane, since the big FALL! and sings with a plaintive small voice since my lovely voice left town about eleven years ago.

Yet I stand as tall as my 5 foot 3inch frame can go and say, “What the hey? I’m still writing and having fun so forget about it. Or fugeddabodit somewhere in New Yorkese.

So I ask you all to keep smiling and think of us as we truck along the highway of life. Speaking of truck-that’s a dance we called truckin’ way back having fun even before jitter bug dancing hit the scene. And what a scene it was. My first love and I won many trophies dancing back then and along came the exotic rhumba, then the cha, cha, cha and samba and merengue. Exotic dances all. We learned them aand loved every moment of that wonderful phase of our married life after the Korean Conflict where he was a pilot in the Strategic Command for General Curtis LeMay, a key figure later with the Cuban Missile Crisis in conference with JFK and Senator Robert Kennedy.

Memories, sweet memories.Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, baby and indoor

All the chatter about the war recalls a book I wrote, a book of fiction yet there is so much in there of the reality of the times, I’d so appreciate you checking it out.

Titled Farewell, Hello, the story will take you back to a special time in history, before the Pill, when chastity was in, and men opened doors for women as a courtesy.


By an odd coincidence, I actually have this very same dress hanging in my closet. This cumbersome leather suitcase is similar to the one my parents gave me as one of my wedding gifts. Again, memories, sweet memories.

Available in all formats. Look in Amazon under my name and also Barnes & Noble

Thanks for stopping by to share a taste of my life, my friends.

Charmaine Gordon

Starting Over

Last week, the murderer dressed as a guard knocked on Emily’s door. She opened and he pushed his way in, grabbing her by the waist to drag her out to the beach; his strength like that of a tank and Emily, at the moment, felt small as a tricycle in his heavy hands.


Emily kicked and screamed but the oceans roar covered the sounds. She tried to dig in with her heels, twist in his grip to no avail. What else could she do as her fingers dragged along sifting for a weapon, a shell, a loose board and found nothing.

Close to the water’s edge he let go and stood above her one foot on her chest to roar like a lion with his prize.

Big mistake, Emily’s weary mind registered and now he’s mine.With a quick twist of her body, she grabbed his leg to kick it from under him. He howled with rage as she kicked him again and danced away. Taught to hurt a larger opponent and run screaming for help wasn’t going to work for her. He had something else on his mind and so did Emily; an eye for an eye.

for more delightful snippets:

Some of you have suggested this would make a good movie. I’m thinking I’d need a strong bully of a man to play the bad guy. I remember working with Telly Savalas on one of his shows. Oh yeah! Tough but he had a heart of gold. He did give me a lollypop at the end of the day and actually said, “Who loves ya, baby.” What a guy!

available in all formats and AUDIO!so-3d

A Moment with Michael Douglas

It was last day of shooting Fatal Attraction. I don’t know if you saw the movie with Glen Close and Michael Douglas but for a brief moment, this actor had the pleasure of being there on the set, a part of an extraordinary movie.

There we were in a bowling alley. I watched the star roll up his sleeves and hit every bowling ball right off the mark, time after time.  What a guy.During the break, I did what I always do, talk to the main star in a personal way. I sauntered over to himself. “I loved your movie, Running.” He lifted his handsome face to look me right in the eye. “You did?” I nodded. He said, “I always wondered why the movie didn’t do better.” I touched his muscular arm. “Well, I loved it, especially when you finally finished the run.”

That’s all it took, folks. A word of praise when he didn’t expect it. ‘Places’ was called. I went back to sit in a bleachers kind of setting wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans like a mom watching her kids, where a few other moms and dads watched the bowling scene.

A morning’s worth of work on Riverside Drive, a moment to remember, a frightening movie. Good day’s job.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends.


Often when I write these blogs, I’m reminded of stories I’ve written. Movies find their way into many of my books. When you’re looking for a good read to keep you company on a cold night, check out The Beginning. . .Not the End. Three humorous stories are in there. The last one is a real show business tale titled Before The Final Curtain.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcement

And Then She Wanted. . .

It didn’t seem like much. Just a small hamster yet this was her desire for quite a while. Daughter and husband decided to surprise her for Christmas instead of having her wait ’til the summer for the coveted hamster. Grandest named her Ginger and she’s pretty and very funny as she scrambles over and over in the wheel as fast as her tiny legs can go. I curled up on Grandest’s bed to watch and we had a good laugh.

As you see, after a couple of weeks, they’ve become very good pals. With gentle loving care, an eight year old can do wonders.

Grandest is the light of my life, my friends. Since her infancy, I’ve treasured every bit of her sweetness and she is one lovely child the older she gets. Her obvious care for me warms my heart. It’s her turn to hold my hand and say, “Be careful, Grans.”

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Football and Romance?

Hubs had to work last night so my job was to watch the New York Giants play the Green Bay Packers. I have a nostalgia for Green Bay never revealed to the hubs. Many-like really many years ago, my first love was really into boats and he said, one day, “Let’s drive up to Green Bay ’cause there’s an inboard/outboard craft we’ve got to have. Honey we can take it out on Lake Michigan.” We lived in the Chicago Area back then. So, being the best little wifey ever, we packed our young kids and drove way up to Green Bay where , yes indeedy, we purchased this treasure. and they put it up on a special ramp thingy and we drove it, swaying , all the way back to our home with one stop. We pulled into a McDonald’s or something, took up all the space around, had us a mac and something and continued the swaying home.

The problem was, you see, where to put the darn big boat. We had always purchased neat small runabouts but no! this was relatively big. My Dad happened to know every one important everywhere and told me to call the head of the guys who gave out what’s called Slips to moor the boats at Belmont Harbor. I called. A nice man assured me he had one for my dad’s daughter except it was against the wall whatever that meant. And so I drove there, received important papers, told they were precious and I left. The next day we drove the inboard/outboard boat down and put it in the water, tied it up and went home.

Hang tight. I’ll get to Football and Romance in a minute. This is background.

We used the boat a few times; it rained the night we planned a steak dinner and sleep over so home we went and then bad guys came and stole stuff from our nifty boat! Why? Because it was against the wall, an easy mark. Ultimately we sold it to a nice teacher. It was just what he wanted.

Getting back to the football game where the Packers trimmed the pants off the Giants, by the time hubs returned home, I was home, whining. We discussed the game at length and when we covered it best as possible, hubs hugged me and said, “I love you for watching the game and telling me everything since he had to work..”

Nifty, huh?