3/29/15 WEWRIWA

Hi gang, a good week despite the rain. Some raking to be done but I can’t do anything strenuous until I see the ENT doc. I can write though so here we go with a delightful Sunday and our weekend writing warriors. Yes we are.

Last week I surprised everyone, including myself, with the Beagle therapy dog and the super nice doctor we’ve all come to love.

“She’s up for adoption.” Brad petted the the pup, “because my wife wanted a Beagle; Jerry Fields at the shelter called us.We couldn’t resist the brother and sister so we brought them both home from the shelter.since they were abandoned, an envelope tied to each collar. Inside were certification papers and a note saying the owner was ill and couldn’t take care of them. When Anna called, the light bulb clicked in my weary head and I thought  she might be the answer to your exhaustion and slow recovery so keep her and see how it works for both of you. I brought a bag of kibbles and stuff because I just know in my heart, and this isn’t something I learned in med school, this trained dog is the best medicine. Now I have to work. but call me; I want to know what’s happening.”
Anna walked him to the door, “ It’s scary to see him in a heap instead of the strong man rushing from meeting to building every day and ask the doorman to bring up the dog supplies; I love her already.” She twisted her hair into a thick braid. and said,  “Thanks, Brad, I’m not frightened anymore..”

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Charmaine Gordon, author of She Didn't Say No, a mature romanceThe story is Bridging the Gap. Thanks for your comments.

Introducing Judy Audevard, the woman who never says it can’t be done. . .

It’s not what you think, my friends so elevate your minds to a higher level and read on. Judy and I met under a tent some years back. I had one book title to sell at this Apple festival in Warwick3 medals, she had Kizzy the wonder Bichon Frise a therapy dog. She also had at her side, the best supportive husband I’ve ever met, Bob. Judy also had a book about Kizzy on display. Friendship at first sight.

This is her story. Judy’s determination and willingness to follow a dream has just rewarded her with a medal. Yes, a medal from the United States Army for excellence as a Civilian Volunteer, one of the highest medals , a treasure for my friend , the director of Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause.

It all began with an email. A woman who had just returned from the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. and witnessed the therapy dogs comforting and bringing happiness to the wounded soldiers wondered why in the world didn’t such an organization be helping up at West Point where the wounded warriors were being housed. She dug in, did the Google search and found Judy through Therapy Dogs, Inc.

“It was a rough start.” said Judy. There were many rules at the Point why it never could happen but Judy and her stalwart pals did the impossible. No pets inside. Okay. They visited with the returned vets on the porch but this is New York, upstate where the weather gets a bit chilly. They had to find an inside venue to continue. Slowly, step by step, with Judy at the helm, she was able to connect with the Red Cross and doors opened little by little.

The program has grown to huge proportions. Every week, special needs kids as part of the curiculum,and the therapy dogs get together for reading. The dogs encourage the kids to read by listening and showing their canine love. Almost every day of the week, the team of Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause take time to visit various homes for the aged, Meals on Wheels, and so much more. Picture them loading up their cars with their magnificent trained and certified dogs to bring joy to people all over in Rockland County, Orange County, and Connecticut.

While we’re snug in our homes during snow, rain and all kinds of bad weather, I just had to tell you about this fine group of volunteers. If you ever think of giving  a donation to some cause, consider Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause and the wonderful work they accomplish every week.

photo (10)KizzyYAH CVR F                        He’s also one of the main characters in this book.

3/22/15 WEWRIWA

Yes, it snowed big time and now it’s melting on the first day of spring. Way cool. This has not been my best week, folks. A bout of Vertigo set me back a few days leaving me weak. Geez! When does it end? One step at a time and I’ll be fit again. Nothing stops this woman, right?

I continue with my WIP–Bridging the Gap. Last week James planned to buy his Anna white silk panties on the way home from the hospital and had a fainting episode right there on Main Street in front of the lingerie shop. Anna and Roscoe, their driver,hauled him back in the limousine and she called their friend, Dr. Cohen. He arrived at the same time  they did and up they went to the penthouse where James made it over to a leather couch and melted into it.

excerpt in eight:

Out came the stethoscope, penlight and all the other accoutrement the good doctor brought in his magic bag.

“This black bag is an antique handed down from my gramps to my dad and now me,” he patted the worn leather with worship in his blue eyes.

” Blood pressure’s a bit high but not to worry, I may have the solution.” Brad Cohen opened the other bag that had started to wiggle; like a magician, he pulled out a puppy. “She’s a therapy dog, a Beagle like Snoopy in the Charlie Brown cartoons only she’s a year and a half old and certified like a college degree for dogs because a lot of hard work and training goes into certification.”
The three humans watched the pooch sniff all around and suddenly climb up on Jimmy’s lap to lay her paws and head against his chest right under his chin. The CEO ‘s rough palms reached up to stroke the smooth coat of multi colors, white, brown, and a touch of black.

Anna ‘s eyes glistened with tears ready to fall; she held them in control.
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And Then She Said. . .3/21/15

She always refers to my grandest but today the she is our kitten, a smart little black kitty daughter gave to hubs last Father’s Day. Her name is Lily and she rules the house and the other two much older cats.

Lily must have overheard many conversations about us getting a small dog-a Schnauzer or a Beagle. Easy to walk, playful and fun. For older folks with a few aging probs- just last Wednesday, I had an attack of Vertigo-hello, who needs this? so small dogs are where it’s at. Of course, daughter has two big dogs, one a sweet Pit Bull and one a Lab mix, a honey but BIG!.She’s cautious about me walking them. So am I.

Back to Lily who doesn’t miss anything. She raced into the living room where we had just finished one last chat about a dog. Lily climbed on my lap and folks, I swear she said, “I did the math, we can’t afford a dog.” Then she jumped off my lap to terrorize the old lady, Harley, age nineteen leaving Don and I laughing our heads off. Case closed about a dog.

Thanks for listening.10565219_10202759512405320_3484045201100648786_n

Meeting Sally Kirkwood from Housebroken

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part of the River’s Edge series

by Charmaine Gordon

Sally Kirkwood, the heroine in Charmaine Gordon’s novella Housebroken, took time from her hectic schedule as a busy reporter and devoted wife to answer a few of my questions today… she really understands what an honor it is to be granted an interview, so thank you Sally…

The Interview

  1. What is the name of the book where we would meet you? What genre is it? Who are you?

Housebroken is the title. It’s the story of what happens when your last child leaves home and you’re alone with your husband for the first time in thirty years. Empty nest syndrome. Romance/Suspense and I’m the heroine.

  1. Who wrote the book?

My sometimes friend, Charmaine Gordon. We argue a lot.

  1. What do you think of the author? Tell us about her… all the nitty-gritty.

She’s bossy, always telling me what to do…

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3/15/15 WEWRIWA

Snow melts against the house and what do I see? Crocus pushing through the dirt, leaves to be raked  and the possibility of SPRING. There are walks to be taken, exercise to accomplish but first I write. So I lost my precious voice. Sad but it’s not the worst. My brain is percolating and I feel strong. Best to all who visit and join WEWRIWA. You’re missing a wonderful treat if you don’t stop by today.

Last week, James Chandler bonded with his Anna when she cozied up to him in the narrow hospital bed while he recovered from a nasty concussion. They also connected with Brad Cohen, a kind young doctor in the Emergency Room. From wheelchair to limousine, James and Anna settle in with Roscoe, the driver and friend. “Home, Roscoe.”
“You okay, chief?” “Not bad. Ms. Anna saved my life.”

excerpt in eight
At the first red light, Roscoe, an ex con with his best skill behind the wheel, turned his head, “Chief, she owns you now.”
Anna scoffed; “That’s a superstition because in the tribe, if you save a life, the one you’ve saved is indebted to you for life.” A ripple of pleasure ran through her as the light turned green; the ‘Benz rolled on and Anna nestled close to feel her lover’s heat she said, “You owe me white silk panties and don’t forget it.”
They passed a lingerie shop on the way to his condo James called, “Roscoe, please stop here and wait.”

 Pale and a bit shaky, James Chandler emerged into the brilliant sunshine of a spring day with Anna beside him, he inhaled the fresh air and let his lungs expand.
“Jimmy, I didn’t mean right now, I have enough panties and you’re not ready to enter a shop.”
Roscoe steadied his boss, helped him to a bench right there on Main Street and suddenly James’ eyes drooped and shut, again he’d fallen asleep.
“Shovel him back in the car, please, let’s get the big guy home,” and a frightened Anna called Dr. Brad Cohen.

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Charmaine Headshot for Author CentralBridging the Gap, a work in progress

3/8/15 WEWRIWA

Welcome to our world, folks, where you can post eight sentences and get feedback of constructive critique. It’s a wonderful world. Join us.

My WIP is officially titled Bridging the Gap thanks to Chelle Cordero. She’s in the lead with two titles thus far. What a woman.

Hero, James Chandler tripped and fell forward against the wooden platform bed. Anna called 911 because he was bleeding from his head and appeared to be out cold. She couldn’t wake him. At the hospital emergency room, a kin doctor took over; James had an MRI , got his head stitched up and at last, Anna was allowed to see him.

excerpt in eight:

Pale as the sheet covering him, forehead bandaged, Jimmy looked as if he’d been in a war and lost. Anna inhaled a deep breath, exhaled and marched in, “you owe me lace trimmed satin panties, James um Chandler and I want them now ’cause it’s chilly under here”and she lifted her skirt to expose her bare bottom .
In a weak voice, he called to her, “Come to me, Anna.”
“That’s how we got in this mess, love and I had to call 911 when I couldn’t wake you. Dr. Cohen said you have a concussion and he stitched you good so you won’t fall apart all because of that damn platform bed the mattress slipped aside and you fell against the wood.”
“Come to me, Anna,” she did just as an orderly wheeled in a cot for her to sleep on.
They slept despite interruptions on and off and in the morning, breakfast for two came in compliments of the good doctor with a note: Kindness to Strangers is the Motto of our Town. Strangers no more, James Chandler and your lady, Anna, I’ll be back to see you after I catch a few ZZZ’s. Dr. Brad Cohen.

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