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Hi gang,  it’s me, in rehab day after day recuperating, I think. And would you believe this person, this writer nobody knows is in business? I can’t stop laughing. On a daily basis, strangers stop by to say they’ve looked me up on Amazon or purchased one of my nifty books. Cracks this writer up. Suddenly I’m taking percoset and I’m in business.

Last week The former Catch, Tom Donnelly had to pay a young lady from a fancy club to have a New Years date. Never before has this happened and he didn’t even have enough money.


4/30/16 WeWriWa The Catch

So here I am in rehab and laughing my head off. Why?Because this unknown writer

has become popular with folks stopping by to say they looked me up on Amazon and ordered a book or two. Me with my Survive &Thrive stories and humor.

Last week The Catch, Tom Donnelly had to hire the lovely Vicki from an agency to have a date for New Year Eve.Tom thought Happy New Year to me.

excerpt :He fought the first impulse to go back to sleep, then disgusted with himself, Tom stretched his athletic body under the covers and cursed.Shelves of trophies gleamed in the shadowy darkness and framed photos of past glory hung on the wall.

Tom sat up, pressed his head with  clenched fists overcome with failure and heard

the sound of a gavel. Guilty As Charged.Sleeping pills filled the cabinet-an easy way out. Tom arranged the pills in a row then rearranged them into a formation. They looked like a football formation. He pictured the play to come; the scramble he the quarterback called for. As for me,Tom figured, there’s nowhere to go but up and flushed the capsules into the sewage of the Great City of Chicago.TC CVR

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Post-traumatic stress- YIKES

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72yDear friends, while this sad bag of bones continues to rehab daily, the wonderful social worker explained my inner self to me. The sadness that envelops this happy writer periodically stems from the bad fall and subsequent damage to my body. Okay. I got that. Finally. Now my job is to keep my head up, do the rehab and attempt to walk. And I can do it. Why? Because on a daily basis, grandest is here with dearest daughter.

Last night at the earliest of dinners, Grandest fed dinner to this Granny. I, who always fed and nourished this smart child, now feeds me. It didn’t matter that turkey slices went flying, lettuce and carrots likewise, she was there with a napkin and fork going fast as she can. What a kid. And when I asked for prayers, she whispered “Grans, I do that every day.”

So here’s to the blessed grandchildren and their parents and my dear husband who is here every day to watch me sleep. Don’t fall down, please. Love with all your heart and to my dearest pal, Judy Audebard, keep Paws for a Cause coming to visit and bring joy to all who rehab. You do your work and we’ll do ours. Thanks for every tail that wags to give joy to those who are suffering right now.

A special snuggle to daughter’s Gracie, a rescue dog. She may not have a pedigree in therapy but boy does she pack a wallop in love.

Be well to all dear friends. Love, Charmaine






wewriwa-the cATCH

Hi Kids, It’s Spring and I fell down to break my leg one week ago. Now I’m in WoodCliff Lake Health and Rehab. Who’d a thunk it? The plan is to survive but it’a sad time so here goes. Instead of The Doll, I will entertain you with The Catch. nifty book I wrote a while back. By the way, it’s not about a fish.

excerpt: The woman in his bed sat up, shoved him hard and said, “Time’s up, handsome.”

Tom Donnelly rolled over and blinked awake.

“My name’s Vicki in case you’ve forgotten.”

He attempted his winning grinning out didn’t work; no Vicki came to his muddled mind.

Naked Vicki stalked to the bathroom with an armload of clothes picked up on the way. Five minutes later, money in her tight fist, Vicki came running out to scream in his face. “The deal was a thousand dollars, I count five hundred so where’s the rest?

Hands on voluptuous hips, she glared at him.

Head pounding from the world’s worst hangover, Tom staggered  out of bed to lurch to his dresser thinking ‘money hidden somewhere under. . .’

“Loser,” she shouted, “word gets around, no one’s gonna go with you, not from the best service in town.”

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Just When you thought it was safe

Charmaine Photo for PinterestSometimes wonderful things happen; sometimes they don’t. Last Friday early morn, this good Granny ‘slept over’ at Grandest to help out daughter and get Grandest on the early bus. But NO. Not meant to be. The Garbage collectors came early, folks, I woke to check my watch, turned around and fell crashing to the floor. Off to the hospital to see what happened to this body. Broken bones, in a fog and now I’m at WoodCliff Lake Health and Rehab.

The question is How did this happen and why? The answer is who the heck knows. Stuff happens in life. Chin up and get over yourself.


Love to all from Charmaine

Together, Again by the Fabulous @CharJGordon is a Lovely Story About Love! #BookPromo #womensfiction

Title: Together, Again Author: Charmaine Gordon Genre: Fiction, Women’s Fiction Book Blurb: A wealthy couple, no children in sight, answer the door one day to find a replica of the wom…

Source: Together, Again by the Fabulous @CharJGordon is a Lovely Story About Love! #BookPromo #womensfiction

4/10/16 WEWRIWA

My one and only daughter’s birthday. So many son’s and then a female. How lovely. With complications and a near death experience yet I lived to tell the tale.

Today’s tale, as we know a WIP is in progress, and so I introduce the heroine of The Doll.

Excerpt:Teen age Reva Mercer had a dream that one day she’d gather her saved dollars and Pa’s hidden money, make a run for the bus to leave the darned Keys and head for the Nursing College where she’d learn to care for sick people.One night that’s exactly what she did, with him sleeping and her all packed for her oh -so-near-better life. Officer O’Brien pulled up next to Reva just as she was ready to board the bus. “And where are you going this night, young lady?” The young woman gave him the flirty eyes that knocked him out every time but he grabbed her arm as she pulled away just in time.

The hours passed , dawn came and before much longer the bus stopped at a pretty section of Florida with a big sign directing her to The College. She staggered off the bus after a few hours of sleep and a peanut butter sandwich made at home and Reva trudged up the crushed stone walkway to the front door and stumbled in. Backpack slung over her shoulder, a kindly woman greeted her saying, “You must be our long lost Reva Mercer.”

The young girl nodded as if to say yes, that’s me and crumpled into mess on the floor.

There were a lot of questions too young Reva would have to answer before she entered the college.

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