5/17/15 WEWRIWA

Happy Month of May Older Americans Month. I love the idea of celebrating a whole month for the elderly Americans. You may not be there yet but one day you may wake up and find you’re a grandparent just like me.

It’s also almost Sunday and time to share our snippets so let’s have at it. My story is titled Spreading Her Wings. Sally Kirkwood is the friendly neighborhood reporter who helps Teresa find her daughter Misty, self involved in preparing for a Broadway audition.
As many of you know I was an actor in NYC for years. My take on this story is very real.

excerpt in eight:
In the darkened theatre, several men sat talking, computers on laps, taking notes while the director and his assistant rubbed their hands in anticipation.

Jerry Kaufman, the chief producer’s job was to gather the money to get the play up and running and already the men here had already pledged a bunch of dough.

The last man to arrive came up the aisle with a gawky girl in tow.

“Oh shit, please tell me she’s not the daughter he wants as the lead in the play.”

Seymour, his assistant, nudged him in the arm and said, “Jerry, she’s the girl O’Malley wants as the lead
and right away I can tell she’s a triple threat; can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t act.”

“The nerve of him coming in late when all the boys and girls are already lined up.”

“Money makes the world go around, Jerry so work with it and say hello at least.”

Jerry rose from his slump in the auditorium; “Hi Mr. O’Malley. How are you and who is this young lady?”

for more snippets from talented writers:

Spreading Her Wings is available in all eformats and also in the River’s Edge series Trio Volume 2
Enjoy the entertainment world of Broadway in this story.

Spreading Her Wings

Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

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44 thoughts on “5/17/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Very cool snippet. I’m interested to see how your inside knowledge of acting plays out. I’m an orchestral musician, and once long ago I wrote a romance between conductor and oboist. Sales were abysmal…but acting is much more popular than oboe playing. Personally, I don’t understand that at all, but c’est la vie.

  2. The gal might be much more talented than they are giving her credit for, but I can understand their resentment if they believe they have to kow-tow to the guy for his financial backing.

    • Hi Eden. What can I say. Misty has all the talent. The other girl’s father has a batch of money. Both are needed for the show. Let’s see what happens. The book-a long/short story is available on all eformats-really inexpensive and so good.

      • I completely understand that both are needed. But with Misty being so new to all of this… does she have what it takes to stand up for what she really wants…

        It’s on my wishlist now. I’ve sworn to not buy anything new until I’ve finished/removed tat least five books from the pile by my bed (at my husband’s request… he doesn’t understand readers). That said, short pieces are at the top of the list.

    • They don’t miss a thing. When I auditioned it was go for a 10 with head up and pour myself in to the part. It often worked. When it didn’t, there was a reason. They wanted younger, blonde, red hair, freckles but I always got a call back.

  3. Love the sound of this, Charmaine! Can’t wait to see how your background influences the story. Wonderful job! 🙂

  4. I always relish the glimpses you give us of the magical world of theater (along with the realities, like today’s no-talent daughter of the investor). Excellent excerpt! Off to add the story to my kindle TBR…

  5. Can’t wait to read the behind the scenes of the world of theater. Enjoyed the banter. Secretly I hope the gal surprises them with talent. 🙂

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