A Moment-actually a week-With Al Pacino. . .

1989 Picture this: The casting call came in. They wanted me, my car, and it turned out, we got overtime as early call turned into night. Big bucks. Not really but for a small fish in the big pond just spreading my wings, this was truly a biggie. With no info regarding the star or the name of the movie, I showed up and immediately went to wardrobe and make-up. What fun not always accorded to background artists. Then I waited getting reacquainted with friends. Next thing I knew, the assistant called my name and ushered me out to the streets of mid town Manhattan. Noisy out there with a bus stopped to let off and take on passengers right at the corner where I was placed. And then He showed up, the star surrounded by his personal bodyguard ever vigilant, gun close at hand to protect none other than the city’s own Al Pacino. All 5’7″ of him dressed with too long pants, messed up shaggy hair and that expression on his face. A woman leaned out of the bus window, cookie box in her hand. “Hey Al, we love you, baby.” the assistant grabbed it with a smile and waited ’til the bus pulled away before crossing the street to dump it in a garbage can. I saw the star cringe in fear just for that moment. Possible danger in the mean streets.

Every time a scene was shot, the director rushed over to the star to confer. In hushed conversation with much hand waving, I ascertained the star had the last word on directing Sea of Love.

His co-star, Ellen Barkin, a glamorous off-beat woman wearing tight outfits was hot, hot, hot. Their sex scene in the grocery store while checking out each other more the the fruit and veggies made everyone sweat.

If you don’t blink, you might see me strolling down the avenue minding my business. In truth, most of my time that week I was glued to Al Pacino’s back. Well almost. That’s where they put me; that’s where I happily stayed and watched a great actor work.


Thanks for stopping by to join me in sweet time memories.                       Sea of Love (1989) Poster


7/20/14 WEWRIWA

Oh no, July is flying by and I’m not ready. One day at a time so calm day and enjoy every moment, I tell myself.

Welcome to WEWRIWA where we believe constructive critique helps us to grow as writers.

Thanks to Teresa Cypher’s’ comment last week, today’s eight is about the flame lit by Maverick, the pool guy. His kind attention to my heroine helps  her believe she is special again after husband Frank threw her under the bus by leaving.  The pool enclosure is heated, decorated like a tropical paradise inside and Beth swims every day and night. Maverick shows the plans to a wealthy perspective buyer and excited, stops by one night to tell her. To her annoyance, he knocks on the enclosure door.

excerpt in eight:

Opening the door enough for him to enter, she locked it again and said, “What in the world are you doing here?”
He shuffled around in his boots looking ashamed for disturbing her and then picked a towel off the rack and patted water from Beth’s arms. “ I uh, was passing by, saw the lights on in the pool house and wanted to tell you about, uh, to make sure you were okay.”
Beth noticed once again the age lines around his eyes and figured he was about late thirties —early forties and she was definitely fifty eight and she wondered  how many times does forty go into fifty eight?
He kissed her; stopped with the pats, pulled her wet self closer and kissed the hell out of her.

The climate controlled air upped a notch, bare toes left the puddled surface and steam came from Beth’s lycra swim suit that suddenly felt a size too small.
“Whoa,” Beth said but he didn’t whoa; instead she heard him say I want to make love to you right now, if that’s okay.
Once she said okay, her soon-to-be-lover peeled off tight jeans and stood up, literally, in the smallest underwear she’d ever seen.

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A Moment With Michael Douglas. . .

1987:  “A bowling scene,” the casting director said. Of course I was available. “Half day work, full day’s pay.” Sounded good to me. What to wear, I wondered. I called a friend. She suggested jeans, a plaid shirt and stuff like that there. Good to go for an early call.

Little did I know the movie was Fatal Attraction and I’d have a chat with Michael Douglas during a break. I’ve already confided to you that the ‘Don’t talk to the Stars” rule doesn’t apply to me and why, you might ask?  Because  I’m respectful and fast and always have something to say. And they are always pleased. So I parked at a bowling alley on Riverside Drive heading toward NYC and walked in. Approval from wardrobe came next and there were a few actors I knew from other shoots. And there he was. Handsome lean, smiling, a husky guy obviously  his best friend at his side. He tried out a bowling bowl and with style and grace, brought all the pins down. Applause, applause.

During a break, I walked over to the man. “I loved your movie, Running. He turned to me with wide smile. “Thanks. The reviews weren’t good and I worked so hard.” He hugged me and said “Thanks. You’ve made my day.”

Part of the sweet time I’ll never forget.                         Michael Douglas VF 2012 Shankbone.JPG

Still of Michael Douglas and Stuart Pankin in Fatal Attraction (1987)Michael Douglas with his best pal

A Moment with Tom Hanks. . .

!988. The casting call for a business woman came for the last day of shooting a movie titled, Big, with Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins and Robert Loggia director, Penny Marshall. I believe this was her first movie. Excited to be part of this, wearing a gray wool suit on a bright spring day, I drove down to 23rd street in NYC, parked and hurried for the early call. Nervous assistants scurried around. I overheard murmuring about how tough and organized Ms. Marshall was and thought, good for her. So much to gain for the success of the movie and so much to lose for all her work.

What a cutie, Tom Hanks. So boyish and slim with curly hair, totally focused for his huge role; a breakout part and huge success with Academy awards. Stardom came quickly after this delightful fantasy about a young boy’s wish at a carnival. He wanted to be big. And so the story goes. It never grows old. The enchantment of love combined with innocence of a thirteen year old boy in a young man’s body. If you haven’t seen Big, check it out at your local library  or wherever you have access. You may catch a glimpse of a woman in a gray suit walking briskly down the street as Elizabeth Perkins hails a cab to find her young man and discover the truth.         Big (1988) Poster

Movies. Don’t you just love them? What’s your favorite or favorites?

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What a trip!

Photo: Gracie is with us too chilling under the tree. 󾬐Grandest and Mia, two very strong girls thanks to TaeKwando and Karate plus swimming and gymnastics. And here’s the latest addition to the family, Tommy boy.

Grandest is on the move again. This time with her Dad and his family gone to Bermuda for a week. Will we miss her? You bet. Sunday, she and her BFF, Mia two years older like big sister/little sister, played for two hours in our above ground pool, swimming so well I was moved to tears. Legs once short, now long and getting lanky, kicked while arms reached and hands cupped the water to cross the 48 foot pool effortlessly. Applause, applause with sitting ovation as I tried to concentrate on writing and on their safety.

Years ago my first love and I flew to Bermuda, played tennis and golf and watched fireworks through the hotel veranda on the Fourth of July. I’ll never forget the patriotic fever we had that night. We found a gorgeous empty beach  and made love in the pounding sapphire surf.

Today I reconnected with my Canadian friend and terrific author, Anne Lange. I’m today’s guest on her blog. Please check us out, have fun and leave a comment.  Thanks for your support, my friends.



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Concept CVR FH 1-1

7/13/14 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang, Welcome to another Funday Sunday where constructive critique is the key to improving your writing.

I continue with To Be Continued and Beth Malone moving along in her life. She’s made plans for a structure to cover her precious pool for year round swimming and Maverick, the pool guy is coming for dinner, a business dinner to finalize papers. Beth’s a terrific cook and hostess. She’s decorated the table and after careful consideration, selected steak for the working man’s meal. This time he enters through the front door bearing wine and smelling good.

excerpt in eight:

It’s just a friendly business dinner, Beth applied a little more mascara;  then why all the fuss? she adjusted the new black Wonderbra; why not?
Maverick arrived at the front door briefcase in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other and to Beth’s eyes, the man cleaned up just fine.
“It’s a lovely evening so we’re dining on the patio,” and she led him through the sliders and out to the patio where citronella candles kept the bugs away and flowers attracted a few Hummingbirds.
He placed a bottle of Merlot on the table just as a butterfly poised on the edge of Beth’s water glass, then fluttered away.
After dinner, they went over every aspect of the project, Beth signed her name to the contract and in two more weeks  she’d be swimming all year. At the door he leaned over to kiss her mouth; Beth felt the pull but turned
her head at the last moment and the kiss landed on her flushed cheek.

When the bolt clicked, his heat remained on her skin as she leaned against the door breathing deeply thinking what if. . .


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Baby Twister Cuts a Swath on my deck!

Holy smoke, folks. We woke this morning to find that a very selective twister caused havoc on the back deck ending by lifting the umbrella table up and over the fence where we can’t lift it by ourselves. Daughter has to come over tomorrow to put us back together again like Humpty Dumpty.

Mother nature had it in for the old folks. A dolphin float was tossed from the pool clear through the tree and onto the neighbor’s driveway. I limped over, all the way around to retrieve the blue plastic float, one of grandest’s faves. Why our house, I wonder? I noticed the neighbor to the other side wasn’t out there picking up branches and flipped over chairs. By the time I’d straightened every thing up except for me, it was time to get on the new float daughter put together for me just two days ago. Boom box plugged in with a new book I’m listening to; all’s right with my world. I climbed aboard and rocked gently while listening to murder and mayhem. This writer of Romance/Suspense loves thrillers. Blood, guts and sometimes a happy ending where the cop gets her man or woman, as the case may be.

What’s your favorite kind of read? Let me know. Charmaine CD -3 sATURATED_pp8x10g- CD